Globally, we have more choice than ever, from the overwhelming to the bizarre…today we have 80,000 drink combinations available to us at Starbucks and we can even select the ending to a Netflix film!

While this access to choice gives us a feeling of freedom, too many options can trigger negative feelings of anxiety and frustration. Overwhelmed by endless alternatives, we are surrendering ourselves to Google, Alexa, influencers and algorithms - services that, by offering us an edited selection, help us feel that we’ve made a ‘good’ choice.

Our latest global research highlights how the decisions we make are heavily influenced by both the context in which they are made, and deeply ingrained cultural perceptions of choice. Understanding these considerations is key for global brands to be able to adapt to the needs of consumers.

Join us for an engaging and immersive event to find out more about the changing context of choice and the local trends that are manifesting across key markets. You’ll leave with an understanding of how brands can navigate this complex trend, for commercial success.

Wednesday 15th May

Wallacespace Clerkenwell Green


Wednesday 22nd May

The Anthony Burgess Foundation



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