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We Will Remember Them

Headmistress's Introduction

As I write, I am bursting with pride after this morning’s Act of Remembrance. The children were utterly superb in their conduct, delivery and respect for what is, by its nature, a sombre occasion. In particular, I would like to highlight Eliza for her flawless performance of the Last Post and Reveille; it was not only a pitch perfect performance but one which made the hairs stand on the backs of necks. My thanks also to Lt. Col Taffs and Rev Beebee for their part in the service.

It is so important that our children are aware of the service and sacrifice, friendship and collaboration of the men and women of Britain, the Commonwealth and Allied Nations who have fought together in all the wars.

Junior School Armistice Day Assembly and Act of Remembrance.

We reflect, in particular, on those former pupils of St Leonards who gave their lives for their country:

Phyllis Guillemard - Member of the Army Nursing Service. Died on duty, November, 28 1916, age 25.

Phyllis Hutchison - Died as a result of the sinking of the Lusitania. Died May, 7 1915, age 24. A scholarship is awarded at St Leonards in her honour.

Jean Henderson Grant - Member of the Army Nursing Service. Died August, 24 1920, age 26.

Marion Dorothy Chapman - Member of the Army Medical Service. Died at Alexandria in Egypt, August, 10 1918, age 27.

Fiona Margaret Watson - A Political Analyst and Advisor to the U.N. Special Representative in Iraq, killed in Baghdad. August, 19 2003, age 35.

We will remember them.

Julianne Pennycook

Spotlight On

Puddle Play and More

Year 1 have been taking inspiration from Bonfire Night this week.

PUDDLE PLAY AND MORE | Goodness this week has flown by! Halloween last week, Bonfire Night this week. We didn’t let the wet weather deter us in Year 1 and, in fact, it afforded us with terrific ‘puddle play’ which we even managed to incorporate into our 2D shape work. Who knew how many shapes we could find in the play area. The triangles were especially challenging!

Making the most of the wet weather with Puddle Play in Year 1.

Year 1 have enjoyed the first of what I hope will be many visits from guest speakers, as Dr Prescott, Grace’s father popped in to deliver a dynamic, engaging and very enjoyable workshop on two of our senses, hearing and seeing. We made an ear drum to understand how our ears work and after enjoying the optical illusions he brought for us, we made our own fish bowl and fish. We learnt how our brain controls the data we receive from our senses and began to understand that the brain can be easily confused at times. A wonderful visit, where we all discovered a great deal. Our thanks to Dr Prescott.

Thank you to Dr Prescott for joining us in Year 1 this week!

Earlier today, the Year 1s did St Leonards proud at their first Remembrance Assembly. I was very moved as they engaged in our annual Act of Remembrance and embraced the solemnity of the event.

After a wet weather week, now as I write this, the sun is shining - a very welcome change. May it continue to do so this weekend!

Miss Boissiere, Year 1 Class Teacher and Lower School Coordinator

Fife Folk Museum Fun

Volunteers from the Fife Folk Museum visited Year 2.

FIFE FOLK MUSEUM FUN | The children in Year 2 are currently investigating their own Family Histories and have been busily writing their own lines of inquiry, conducting independent research at home and then presenting their findings to the class in a wide variety of formats.

In order to help us learn more about what life might have been like in the past for our older relatives, we were treated to a wonderfully hands-on workshop by two volunteers from the Fife Folk Museum in Ceres. They brought with them many toys and household artefacts from the museum collection, which the children were allowed to handle and play with.

Year 2 will be hosting their own Family Histories Museum next week, at which the children will share their learning from this Unit. All visitors welcome!

Year 2 Family Histories Museum - Wednesday, 13 November from 3.00pm - 4.00pm in the Year 2 classroom.

Miss Fisher, Year 2 Class Teacher

Maths Challenges

Year 4 have been learning abut 3D shapes in Maths this week.

MATHS CHALLENGES | The children in Year 4P have been incredibly busy in Maths this week, consolidating their understanding of 3D shapes by labelling, sorting and making a wide variety of shapes. We even had a shape robot which we named Robota!

The class then accepted the challenge of solving problems by using bar models. They represented an equation using different strips of paper and explained their models to the class. A super start back after the October break!

Mrs Arkwright, Year 4 Class Teacher

Artefacts and Ancient Explorers

Year 5 visited the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews.

ARTEFACTS AND ANCIENT EXPLORERS | On Tuesday, Year 5 were very fortunate indeed to have had the opportunity to visit the School of Classics at the University of St Andrews. Professor Sweetman invited the children to see and handle various ceramic artefacts, ranging from Roman oil lamps to Ancient Greek loom weights, and various other figurines and vessels across the ages.

The morning in the department was a wonderful opportunity for the children to link the work that we have been doing in class, namely our Unit of Inquiry work on explorers, as well as our literacy work in Odyssey.

We are very grateful to Professor Sweetman and the Classics Department for hosting us so graciously.

Mr Barrable, Year 5 Class Teacher

Wreaths for Remembrance

The Lower School children made wreaths for Remembrance Day.

WREATHS FOR REMEMBRANCE | The Lower School children have been busy over the last week, making red poppies for our three poppy wreaths, which were used in our Act of Remembrance. Every child in Years 1, 2 and 3 made at least one of the poppies used in the service.

In Year 2, we have been talking about the significance of Remembrance Day and the red poppy and learning about the many men, women and children who were affected by the two world wars all those years ago, as well as the people who continue to be affected by war today.

Mrs Lindsay, Year 2 Class Teacher

Indoors and Out

Beach School activities for Year 6.

INDOORS AND OUT | It has been a busy week for Year 6, with plenty of activities going on in and outside the classroom. Amazingly, we managed to choose a sunny morning for our Beach School session. Activities on the East Sands included games involving multiples and factors, as well as some challenging team building exercises which were approached with enthusiasm by all.

Thank you to Dr Muqit and her colleagues for teaching us about CPR.

Then, we were lucky enough to have Dr Muqit and her team with us on Thursday morning teaching the children CPR. They gave compressions to the beat of ‘Baby Shark’ - just as we thought we’d heard the end of that catchy tune! They were also taught how to put someone into the recovery position, both excellent life skills.

On top of that, we have managed to squeeze in our usual classroom time and our new Units of Inquiry are fully underway.

Mrs Majcher, Year 6 Class Teacher

U9 Rugby Tournament

The U9s finished in joint third place in the Fettes tournament.

U9 RUGBY TOURNAMENT | The St Leonards U9 boys’ rugby team played away at Fettes on Wednesday afternoon, taking part in their invitational U9 Rugby Tournament. The boys finished in joint third place out of eight teams which was a great result! Congratulations to James, who was chosen as 'Player of the Day'.

We will be hosting the annual St Leonards U9 Rugby Tournament next Wednesday from 1.00pm. Please do come along and support the boys!

Wednesday Results

The U10 and U11 girls played away at Kilgraston.

WEDNESDAY RESULTS | On Wednesday afternoon, the U11 girls played Kilgraston, losing narrowly 2-0 in their game, while the U10s fought hard to secure a 2-1, with captain Lana scoring both goals.

The U11 and U12 boys welcomed Riley House to St Leonards.

The U11 and U12 boys had fixtures against Riley House at home, with the U11s winning their match with a brilliant final score of 13-6. Well done to our Junior School girls and boys!

Going for Gold

Well done to Éabha and Rachel!

GOING FOR GOLD | Rachel and Éabha (Year 7) took part in a Gymnastics Floor and Vault competition in Dunfermline last weekend, collecting an outstanding array of medals between them.

The girls competed as part of the Levenmouth Gymnastics Club team, coming first in the competition. In addition, Rachel finished in first place in Floor, third in Vault and secured first place overall.

Well done to both Éabha and Rachel on a fantastic performance.

Emmy's Swimming Success

Congratulations to Emmy on her gold and silver medals.

EMMY'S SWIMMING SUCCESS | Congratulations to Emmy (Year 7), who had a superb weekend at the East of Scotland Swimming Championships, picking up gold in the relay and silver in breaststroke. A phenomenal result, racing against hundreds of talented young swimmers.

Pumpkin Party

The Pumpkin Party in full swing!

PUMPKIN PARTY | A huge thank you to our parent volunteers, who organised last week's spook-tacular Pumpkin Party! St Katharines Hall looked fabulous, with lots of Halloween games and decorations, topped off by the brilliant array of costumes on display!

The children enjoyed bobbing for apples outside, catching doughnuts on strings, choosing spooky glitter tattoos and more.

Nativity Rehearsals

Year 3 Nativity rehearsals are in full swing.

NATIVITY REHEARSALS | Rehearsals for the Lower School Nativity are in full swing. Not only have the children been learning their words and singing their songs in every spare minute, but they are also using one of the opening numbers to spell out the words!

Mrs Beebee, Year 3 Class Teacher

Family Histories

Year 2 have been learning about an explorer from the past.

FAMILY HISTORIES | Year 2 have been investigating family histories and how they enable us to learn about the past. They had an opportunity to learn all about an explorer thanks to a visit from James Lindsay, whose grandfather, Martin, made the first unsupported expedition across Greenland in 1935.

Accompanied by 86 husky dogs, who pulled their sledges across the snow, the team of three travelled some 1000 miles across the island until they were rescued by an ice breaker, the Jacynth, at the end of their journey.

We saw lots of old photographs taken during the expedition and the flag made by Martin's wife, Joyce, to fly off the back of the sledge as he travelled, to remind him of home. Martin later went on to name his daughter Jacynth, mirroring the joy the Jacynth gave him in rescuing the team from Greenland's harsh winter.

Mrs Lindsay, Year 2 Class Teacher

Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to the following pupils who received certificates at Celebration Assembly on Monday:

Shreyas and Ting were presented with their Bronze Language Perfect awards. Congratulations to both!

Matilda received a Commendation for learning her Nativity lines and cues.

Annie received a Commendation for learning her Nativity lines and cues.

James received a Commendation for learning his Nativity lines and cues.

Serena was Year 1 Pupil of the Week for returning to school with a positive, go-getting attitude to all jobs, which has reflected in her tasks this week.

Thea was Year 2 Pupil of the Week for her enthusiasm and commitment to the class's Unit of Inquiry, bringing in lots of artefacts for the Year 2 museum and listening intently to guest speakers. She asks lots of questions and suggests areas to investigate further.

James received a Commendation for excellent work in Maths and maintaining a positive attitude when finding work challenging.

Patrick for being a risk taker and reading to the whole class.

Eleanor for learning her Nativity lines and cues.

Thomas for learning his Nativity lines and cues.

Adam was Year 3 Pupil of the Week for giving a clear and precise explanation to visiting parents about the Maths we were doing in class.

Rory for being knowledgeable about the world around him and sharing interesting facts with the class.

Freddie for working carefully and attentively in Maths.

Anna received a Spirit of St Leonards Award for helping a peer with the reading of a script. It was done in a quiet, discreet was that allowed the student to complete the reading of her character's part. Given that her peer was happy to receive the help, it was an excellent example of collaboration.

Anona for her ability to work cooperatively and respectfully with all members of the class.

George for his positive, enthusiastic and mature approach to all set tasks. George always puts 100% into his work.

Emil for entertaining the class with an excellent Homework Heroes scratch game.

Conor for entertaining the class with an excellent Homework Heroes scratch game.

Evie for always being ready to help and eager to learn. She shows integrity and honesty towards teachers and students every day.

Michelle and Claudia for outstanding independent Inquiry work into their families' unique histories. They both identified their own line of inquiry, conducted research and presented their findings to the class in a format of their choosing.

Bethany and Dylan for outstanding independent Inquiry work into their families' unique histories. They both identified their own line of inquiry, conducted research and presented their findings to the class in a format of their choosing.

Harry for displaying such enthusiasm towards Unit of Inquiry lessons, being willing to contribute to discussions, share ideas and suggest new lines of inquiry to follow.

Florence received a Commendation for great improvement in her presentation.


This week, we wish the following pupils a very...

Happy Birthday to Brodie, Molly, Dylan, Sholto, Conor and Eva. Have a wonderful day!