ONE REconciling the cultures


We want to create a cinematic round table discussion. One centered on authenticity and breaking racial boundaries in the church. It's a bold approach in a calm and friendly atmosphere. It will exemplify what it means to be THE CHURCH in such a time as this.


The win here is to really be on the forefront of the race discussion. Churches as a whole are terrible at this. Victory is different...much different. We are not afraid to talk about the issues of our day, especially those involving race and ethnicity.


A multi-camera set up using cinematic techniques to convey the conversation in a compelling way to engage the audience and keep their interests. This includes sliders, dollies and some gimbal style cinematography. It would take a solid day of shooting to complete in the studio with a controlled, yet intimate environment.

We will discuss the questions involved prior to the shoot, really honing in on the hard topics of today.


This will play primarily on Social for engagement and intrigue to get people to servic, small groups and to engage in the series.

This will also play during our bumper for the series to shape what will be discussed that weekend.


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