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Military jet


Some people like helicopters for one reason only, and thats because of Arnold Schwarznegger. But other people like helicopters because of one reason or another, if any. People like planes more for various reasons; they are the safest form of travel, theres more space in a plane, can carry larger loads, have better fuel efficiency, and tend to fly faster.

Airbus A380

Travel Safety

Airplanes are the most safest form of travel. The helicopters that lots of people are oh so fond of are actually the most dangerous form of air travel. This reason is because they have less power than planes can store. This is because the fuel efficiency is very good in planes, but not so much in helicopters.

Broken down helicopter gets towed by another helicopter

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency in a helicopter is extremely low and as an average for a RHC Robinson II Raven is 7.19 miles per gallon, whereas the Cessna 172 is 18 miles per gallon. This, of course depends on whether you are going fast or not.

Cessna 172
RHC Robinson II Raven

Travel speed

The travel speed of a plane varies, as does the helicopter, but the averages are: for the plane, 926 km/h, and for the helicopter, 257 km/h. The fastest helicopter can go 472 km, while the fastest plane(not surprisingly) can go 3,470 km. A very large difference.

Fastest plane in the world, the MiG-25.

Leg Room

The amount of space a plane compared to a helicopter is much better. A Boeing 747-800 is so massive but compared to the Antonov, which is SOOOOOO HUMUNGOUS, is tiny! The biggest helicopter hasn't actually got that much room, even compared to a Boeing. The amount of weight that the Antonov can hold is massive.

The Antonov

Heavy lifting

There is a very large amount a plane can hold, but its futile compared to some planes. The amount that Antonov can hold is so immense. The Antonov can hold 226796 kilograms, and the biggest helicopter, the Mil V 12, can only carry 31,030 kg.

The Mil V-12


Planes are obviously much better than helicopters, and are much, much better looking(If you don't agree, look at this picture above). Planes can go faster, carry more, have better leg room, are the safest form of travel, and better fuel efficiency, but it doesn't stop there. Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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