"Who was Steve Irwin" by Dina Anastasio

"In 1985, Steve heard that the government was setting up the East Coast Crocodile Management Program to control the saltie problem. ..... From then on, they would spend their time capturing and relocating "nuisance" Australian saltwater crocodiles." (p.54-55)

Based upon the context clues, "nuisance" means to be a pest.

"One day he stopped by to make a TV commercial in the Irwins' park. He was filming the animals. .... And he was showing the visitors how they fed the crocs. Steve gave him some of the films he's shot in the bush. John put the films away and make his "commercial." (p.66-67)

Based upon the context clues, "commercial" means a small advertisement.

"There's one, Steve gasped. Bob and Steve peered into the water and studied the croc's head." (p.42)

Based upon the context clues, "Peered" means to look or to catch a glimpse.

"He showed him how to tie up a croc's jaws so it couldn't bite. Sometimes, when the croc was secure and wrapped in mesh, Steve helped his dad carry it to the truck for the trip back to the park." (p.29-30)

Based upon the context clues "secure" means to have a ferm grip or grasp.

"Steve climbed in the front of their dinghy. .... They drifted slowly through the murky water." (p.40)

Based upon the context clues "dinghy" means a small boat.

"Bob went to work building a shed and some reptile enclosures. ..... Many of the reptiles were in homes of their own." (p.21)

Based upon the context clues "enclosures" means a habitat or home.

"Wildlife Warriors Educate people all over the globe. They raise money to buy and preserve land for the animals they love." (p.92)

Based upon the context clues "preserve" means to hold aside for later or keep a hold of.

"Children no longer played on the beaches. Steve and his team arrived in Maewo in early 2003."

Based upon the context clues "Maewo" means beautiful Islands.

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