Land The little time and space we make a big deal about

Week 3 - LAND Dogwood Photography 52 weeks Photo Challenge

Approximately three-quarter of the earth is water and roughly 22 percent that is not, is called land. Just as in individuals needing their space, land from the reverse basic “need” slowly has turned into “need and want some more”.

Land comes with all the riches. From fertility, food source, minerals, oil, natural gas, gems and the eventual power, land grabbing started as early as when man discovered wants and needs.

My hometown Melaka, and its epic history was all about land and gained importance due to its positioning.

The Portuguese, Dutch, British and Japanese invaders, all came to occupy the land they each wish to stake a claim.

Land grabbing has been practiced for a long long time and examples can be found everywhere. From the early ruthless empires of the past, the Colonial British, Moguls, even modern time Europe and the savage rule of ISIS., expanding rule of land and the conquest of land seems to follow by power intoxicated men.

Week three “Land” typically would have been such an easy challenge but somehow turned into a rushed challenge. Better planning in the week is needed on my part.

Luckily these are lands that were preserved as part of the National Parks.

Typically if this was in summer, my photos and storyline would have taken a different approach, showing and writing about the beautiful landscapes in Colorado.

Instead, my approach in connecting to the title for the 52 weeks challenge is to focus on land as a noun and took a complete different angle to describe the assignment.

This mountain landscape had to be change to accommodate a twin tunnel highway that connects the east and west of United States.
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