Tattoos on the Heart By: Elly Beeson

Chapter 1 - God I guess

Chapter one is about Father Greg. A priest who's main goal in life is to make a change in the lives of gang members. These gang members referred to Father Greg as "G" or "Father G". G wanted to be on as equal of a level as he can with the gang members to get the best results. Father G helped these gang members return to a normal life and help them turn their lives around. Father G was also a missionary who would travel and spread God's word to people who don't have the luxury of learning about God. G created Homboey Industries as his company to help these gang members.

Chapter 2 - Dis-Grace

Chapter two is about Father G continuing to fulfill his goals. This chapter also talks about how once G gets the gang members out of the street he tries to win their trust. Once they trust him, they go to him for everything and are always asking him for help in their lives. Father G also went and preached at the Delores Mission to help reach out to more people in need.

Chapter 3 - Compassion

In chapter 3 Father G reaches out to even more people about God. He goes to prisons and just talks to the prisoners. He wouldn't criticize them for what they did, he would just be their friend. He would ask them what they thought compassion was and told them about what it can do for their lives.

Chapter 4 - Water, Oil, Flame

Chapter 4 is about how Father G baptized gang members and how it helped change their lives. Father G doesn't discriminate even though every gang member is different. He treats them all the same and gives anyone help who needs it.

Chapter 5 - Slow Work

In chapter 5 gang meme era begin to make changes in their lives and taking action. The only way for them to make a change is by the,selves. Father G can help them, but it is ultimately his decision. Eventually over lots of time thinking and trying new things they will figure out what they want to do with their lives and can start over. G is always ready to help any one who wants to make a change.

Chapter 6 - Jurisdiction

In chapter 6, the homies are slowly turning their lives around. Flaco got hit by a car which is sad because his arm came off. The homies told G they appreciate him and he realizes his work with them is slowly paying off. G doesn't care how they look and takes Chepe and Richie to a restaurant so they feel like real human beings. The waitress was really nice to them and made them happy when she treated them well. G makes them homies work with people they don't like so they don't fight and learn to love everybody. This is a good skill that everyone should have. G makes the homies work at homeboy industries so they get used to living a normal life and can hopefully return to a successful job. A lot of violence happened in this chapter but a lot of good things happen too.

Chapter 7 - Gladness

In chapter 7, the homies are finally beginning to experience joy and love in their lives. Of course, with the help of father G. Homeboy industries is a safe place for them to go and has helped them greatly along the way. The lives of the homies are turning around for the better and homeboy industries is growing in members.

Chapter 8 - Success

In chapter 8, they talk about death a lot. It is also about success and how your life can be successful if you have faith and love. God considers our lives successful if we help others and are kind. We all can change the world if we give out more love than hate. Father G he,led the homies realize this.

Chapter 9 - Kinship

In chapter 9, it shows the bond that G and the homies have developed. Father G showed these homies that God loves them no matter what. This bond they have made is truly incredible. It shows that just because you don't approve someone's live and how they live doesn't mean they don't deserve love.

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