The Life of Ariana Jennings Randolph By: Hannah Katzke

Musket Ball

This is a musket ball, a musket ball is made by making a mould of the ball and pouring lead into it. Then you would wait till it cooled off to trim off surplus lead. The musket ball was the ammunition for the musket. The musket/musket ball was introduced used by the English soldiers in the war.


I chose the church for my outdoor exhibit. The church is where the people of Jamestown pray also Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married there. The church shows where the people sat inside and where the minister stood. The purpose of the church was so that people could have a private place with a group of people so they can reflect and pray.


In the shop there were three ladies sewing gowns. Also there were clothing draped on the hooks and also hanged up. At the shop you could buy your daily outfits which are your gowns and you could order big hats. I would order their high quality silk gowns.

Randolph House

This house is the Randolph Family house which is the home to Betty and Peyton Randolph. I would visit this home frequently because this is the home of my brother and sister in law.

Dining room

My favorite part of the home was the dining room. People would eat in the dining room with their guests. There is food on the table and a nice marble fireplace. Some examples of food that are served at the gentry homes are Virginia ham, Pastry dome and Rissoles.


My favorite item in the house are the hand painted China’s in the parlor. They are whites with trees on them in decorative design, because they are designed it means that they are expensive.

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