Web-Spinning Goats By: Ian Hyde

The genes and proteins found in spiders used to make their webs have been found and put into goats.

Spider silk is used in medical things like artificial limbs and can be used to make bulletproof materials as well. They put this in goats because it required a lot of spiders and took a very long time. They tried spider farms, but the spiders just killed each other.

Pros of GMOs:

GMOs have better qualities, can produce more food or materials, and can withstand the weather more easily than before, thus producing more.

Cons of GMOs:

It is unsure how safe they really are in the long term, if set loose they could really damage the environment, and we don't know how well they will be isolated from the wild.

Web-Spinning goats allow us to make advancements in medical technology and bulletproof clothing at a much faster rate.





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