While driving down a clear, open road one may not expect much danger,

and may feel it is safe to respond to someone with a quick text message.

What he or she is not aware of is how quickly a situation can change, like the possibility of a family of deer running out into the road.

When the road is clear, the driver is the only one having to pay for his or her actions, but when there are others on the road other families are at risk.

In the current curriculum, Elite Driving School instructors focus on the...

...statistics behind the dangers of texting while driving, rather than the actual impact that it has. Logos and ethos have less of an effect on students in comparison to pathos.

When students are exposed to the worst possible damage, they are more inclined to avoid texting while driving.

The change of focus in the Elite Driving School's education will impact students to avoid becoming like these men:


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