A Bit of Logic April 2017

A Note from Leadership

As the Interior Logic team continues to grow, we need to adjust our business practices and communication methods. Over the years we have had quarterly office events which have evolved over time. The focus of these events varied but the common goal was to have fun and continue the development of the culture that we all built. With these goals in mind we have decided to shift our quarterly lunch event in a more casual direction. On April 19th, we will be hosting a lunch event at the Phoenix corporate office. We will have one or two food trucks and plenty of tables to enjoy the great spring weather. There will be no microphones nor presentations, just the opportunity to mingle and open dialog with department leaders. If you work at a location other than Cotton Center, please feel free to come on out and join us. We look forward to seeing everyone at lunch in a few weeks! - Jason


  • 04/12/2010 Nola Post: 7 years - 15 years with management
  • 04/30/2010 Matt Fugatt: 7 years - 13 years with management
  • 04/25/2011 Michelle Brendel: 6 years - 13 years with management
  • 04/25/2011 Wade Van Dine: 6 years
  • 04/04/2012 Todd Gomez: 5 years
  • 04/12/2012 Peggy Nolan: 5 years
  • 04/30/2012 Pam Conner: 5 years - 17 years with management
  • 04/01/2013 Eileen Bennier: 4 years
  • 04/15/2013 Sue Bresson: 4 years
  • 04/22/2013 Blenda Inez: 4 years - 12 years with management
  • 04/06/2015 Scott Huth: 2 years
  • 04/27/17 Erin Hannam: 2 years
  • 04/05/2016 Christian Weller: 1 year
  • 04/11/2016 Monika Herrmann: 1 year
  • 04/11/2016 Daniel Helderman: 1 year

New Team Members

  • Jerry Eidson - Cabinet Specialist
  • Rich Gray - Field Superindentent
  • Dennis White - Field Superintendent
  • Carli Williams - Order Processing Admin
  • Chase Beltran - Order Processing Admin
  • Jesus Quintana - Field Tech
  • Adam Clift - Commercial Estimating

By the Numbers

  • Total Employees - 1,253
  • Arizona - 228
  • Colorado - 142
  • Northern California - 193
  • Southern California - 69
  • CDI Nevada - 180
  • Nevada Fabrication - 104
  • Florida - 167
  • Florida Fabrication - 118
  • Washington Fabrication - 42
  • Corporate - 10

Open Positions

  • Field Superintendent - Brandon Hill
  • Customer Service Representative - Brandon Hill
  • Warranty Service/Field Tech - Mark Smith


On March 11th, some of our employees took time out of their schedules to volunteer at Aimee's Farm Animal Sanctuary. They played with ducks, geese, horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, sheep and so many more, all of which have been rescued from abuse or neglect. Thank you to Chris Moreno who organized this event! If you are interested in helping out and giving some love to these adorable animals at the next event, contact Chris or Vella Moreno.

Rock Star of the Quarter - Rich Pond

I would like to nominate Richard Pond for Rockstar of the quarter. Rich is our field manager on a very difficult project called Enclave at Borgata for Wespac Construction. From day one on this project, Rich has worked hard to gain the trust and respect of the builder meanwhile trying to protect IL and our installers from possibly liabilities. He has done so seemingly effortlessly. He is a wonderful leader. On that project he not only schedules his own technician who is onsite with him daily, he is training another IL team member and scheduling customer service work. Daily he is asked by building ownership to assist the builder in completing builder related tasks because he is trusted to do so. He is a great representative of our company and deserves to be the Rockstar of the Quarter. We wouldn’t be doing well on this project if it wasn’t for him.

A big thank you to the other nominees; Gina Magoon, Casey Rawlings, Michelle Brendel, Lisa Castillo, Melonie Arcoverde and Blenda Inez.

Just Say Thanks

Thank you to Sydney Coon...

She is one of the newer employees and she has already taken initiative. When she saw down time in her day she didn’t wait for more work to come to her, she saw an opportunity and asked her management for more work to be given to her. She was given new tasks and she picked it up in no time at all. She took these new tasks by the reins and has been doing them quickly and efficiently ever since. - Anonymous

Thank you to Casey Rawlings...

I would like to thank Casey Rawlings for always putting my panicked mind at ease when I need an estimate within minutes of sending it over to him. He approaches every “fire drill” with a calm and confident demeaner that immediately puts my mind at ease so that I am able to go onto the next “emergency.” Thank you for being such a great support…there’s nothing more comforting than knowing someone like Casey is looking out for me! - Michelle Brendel

Thank you to Sharon Coon and Jim Boaldin...

I’d like to say thank you to Sharon Coon and Jim Boaldin for their hard work and dedication to the project I am currently working on. It has been very challenging and their tireless dedication has been so amazing and a quality I have come to rely on throughout! I don’t know what I would do without their calm and reassuring demeanor! My heartfelt “thanks.” - Michelle Brendel

Thank you to Janet Hebert...

One of our largest accounts, Taylor Morrison, has gone through some incredible changes recently including a new builder management team, a total re-do of the design center and DC vendor selections and they have almost triple their sales in a short amount of time. Janet Hebert, our Taylor Morrison DC manager, has had to handle these incredible changes in addition to managing our newly introduced electronic scheduling calendar and help the Innovative Architects team continually improve this exciting and exclusive product for Interior Logic. Her dedication to both the Interior Logic and Taylor Morrison teams has been without compromise and we would like to recognize her continuing “can do” attitude while negotiating these huge changes. Thank you Janet for all you do!! - Amy Williams

Happy Birthday To...

  • Tim Blew
  • Nicci Lepley
  • Jeff Cook
  • Tina Geise
  • Blenda Inez
  • Angie Ruiz
  • Ed Shroka
  • Peggy Nolan
  • Linda Zimmer
  • Kendra Prauner
  • Christina Russell
  • Sydney Coon
  • Jason Bourland
  • Cole Schweizer
  • Marcella Rivas
  • Norelle Justice
  • Melonie Arcoverde
  • Andy Seaman
  • Sulejam Isic
  • Katie Glass
  • Shelly Knauf
  • Sarah Frausto
Health & Wellness

Don't Forget to Sleep

As we move in to the busy season for our business, balancing work and home life can become increasingly difficult. Often times we find ourselves sacrificing how much sleep we get without realizing the negative effects this can have on our mind and body. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep check out 10 tips for a good night’s sleep. Or see how caffeine, food, alcohol and smoking can affect your sleep.

Be sure to celebrate National Sleep Awareness Week, April 23rd-29th by catching some extra sleep when you can!

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