hello extra credit chem 4th 9 weeks opportunity

So many people in the class really want things to be interesting in chemistry and extra credit. Why not combine the two? Read and complete the following information to do both of those things! This extra credit is for a dropped TEST grade! (Please note that if this is not completed prior to the 9 weeks ending, I cannot drop a 3rd 9 weeks test grade and thus will have to drop a 4th 9 weeks test).

What to do:

  • You (and a partner if you choose) will select one household chemistry experiment to complete. You will not merely complete this experiment. This assignment will require you to video your experiment and edit that video to explain exactly what is going on. YOU MUST EXPLAIN THE CHEMICAL REACTION TAKING PLACE IN YOUR EXPERIMENT!
  • These experiments are one per group/individual so it's first come, first serve. Claim your favorite as a comment under the announcement so that others know you are choosing it. Please put your name and your partner's name when you are claiming it so that there is no confusion on my part.
  • I will have adobe spark videos uploaded to your iPad this week (by March 4th) so that you can conveniently use it for your editing purposes.
  • This assignment is posted as a separate assignment on google classroom. This location is where you should submit your final assignment. It is not due until Monday March 20, 2017 but it is strictly due prior to 9:00 am so that I can watch the videos prior to class.
  • We will watch all of the videos in class that day! We will choose the two best experiments to complete as a class at a later date.

Possible experiments

- Lemon Battery/ Generate Electricity with Lemon

-Electric Eel Gummy Wormsk

-Thermochromic Slime

- Bouncy Egg

others are located in google classroom!

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