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I'm going to talk to you about an article related to india part of Asia Pacific. This article entitled ‘Female tourists should not wear skirts in India, says tourism minister’ from The Guardian newspaper. It is written by Michel Safi and published in August 2016.

The article talks about dress code of women tourists in India. Indeed, India’s culture is very different that the western, above all for women and their dress style. So, we have here, the tourism minister who prevents tourists on their dress code, for example, not to wear short skirts.

All along the article we can learn more about tradition in India in reference with the dress code of the Indian woman and precaution that we must take if we decided to travel in India one day as a woman. It is like an instruction manual to travel in India, of all things to do and not to do. For example, hang out late at night for a woman or wear short clothes (dress, skirts, etc.)

I choose this article because myself, I am a woman and it was interesting for me to know if I decided to go to India one day, and I found it also interesting to see how the tradition can be change from one country to another.

The first idea is the preoccupation of the security of women in India by the Tourism Minister. Recommendations are given on airports (arrivals), available on travel guides, broadcast on TV, etc.

The second idea of the article is the risks encored by women if they don’t respect rules and traditions of the country. It is not an obligation to respect them but it is an advice from minister to avoid a lot of serious problems like harassments, sexual acts, rapes and so on.

India is the country which is developing the most and which has the most important growth in the world. It is the first time that India pass China in term of growth.

India succeeded in evolving very quickly thanks to its openness to the outside world from 1991 when declares independence.

Today, the challenge for India is the control of its development because the consequences are now, the explosion of inequalities, a high rate of inhabitants in towns, etc.

Regarding politic context, India is the biggest democracy of the world, sure imperfect but democracy anyway. A good point for its development compared to China for instance.

For the social context, India have a culture very rich, a lot of religions are practiced but India still have some difficulties in the education for example or health. Indeed, a lot of persons are not educated or schools are not very functional.

There is also a problem on gender equity. Like we see in the article, women have to respect more rules than men like the dress code. Indeed, hierarchy of the society is different because in the society women are clearly placed in the 2nd place, always!

In the article, the main question raised is the question of the security of the women in this country.

Is it hard of being a woman tourist in India or not? There is a real risk? And so, is it really a good idea to travel to India for a woman?

We can start a lot of debates on the subject, but I think that: do you think that the situation can be change one day, with these strong moral values? If not, could it be an obstacle for its development?, it is the real larger question for the country.

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