Camping Week Week 6 in Mommy school

We are in week 6 of mommy school! This week’s theme is all about “camping”. This will be another short week because we are leaving for vacation on Friday! (Yay!) From s’mores, to pitching a tent, this week is all about camping. Come pop out a chair around the campfire, and roast up some fun with us!

Day 1

To set the scene, I added a cute lantern we already had and pretend S’mores to the table. The S’mores were simply light brown paper (graham crackers) cut into squares, and sandwiched with dark brown paper (chocolate) and cotton balls (marshmallows). The girls loved pretending like they were eating the them!

We started with our usual morning routine of The Pledge of Allegiance, calendar time and journaling. This week I decided to skip learning a new sight word, and instead review all of the ones we’ve already went over. There will be more on this fun activity at the end of today!

While we were running through our morning routine, Emilee played with our Melissa and Doug number puzzle. She loved pulling the pieces out, and then ultimately tossing them in the floor.

I pulled a camping dot to dot from one of our workbooks, and I printed a cute cut and paste activity from this pack. I also printed a “roll and color” worksheet from here. This was a fun way to incorporate numbers and adding into coloring. She got to roll the dice and count the dots to figure out what number tent she needed to color.

Today’s book was called Maisy Goes Camping. We checked it out from our local library. Emilee loved flipping through it and looking at the pictures.

The last activity I had planned for Paislee focused on reviewing her sight words. I decided to write each of the words that we’ve went over so far, on a star cut out. I then taped the stars to the bottom of our kitchen table. I let her have a flashlight and “lay under the stars”. I called out each word, and she would shine her flashlight on the correct word. We then swapped it up, and I shined the flashlight on different words, and made her tell me what they were. She absolutely loved this activity!

We wrapped it all up with an Episode from Mickey Mouse’s Outdoor Adventures called “Mickey’s Campout”.

Day 2

We continued on our camping trip with more fun activities today. After our usual morning routine, we started with a few worksheets. I found a cute dot to dot from one of our workbooks, and a maze I printed from this pack. She also worked on a fun cut and paste I printed from here. She had to sort food and nonfood items you would take on a camping trip.

Emilee played with a cute counting puzzle we already had. She loved looking at the pictures and stacking the pieces. She also attempted to put a few of them together.

We checked out today’s book from our local library, and it was called Camping Day. Emilee flipped through the book and colored a little, while we waited on Paislee to finish up.

The last activity I had planned for Paislee was to build a “fire” out of paper and paint. I cut out pieces of brown paper for the sticks. She then glued the “sticks” onto a sheet of construction paper and painted the “fire”. Of course this was a winner!

Day 3

Since we are going on vacation this week, we only had 3 days of “mommy school”. I had originally planned on 4 days, but packing a prepping took a lot longer than I had planned. (Go figure!) Anyways, we started off with The Pledge of Allegiance, journaling , and our calendar board. After our usual morning shenanigans, Paislee started on a fun s’mores tracing worksheet I printed from here. She also worked on a look and find I pulled from one of our own workbooks.

While she worked on those, Emilee played with the pretend s’mores I had made to set the scene. She was hesitant to mess with it at first, but then she really enjoyed pulling the cotton balls and stacking up the all of the pieces. This made a very fun sensory activity for her.

After both of the girls finished up with their activities, I let them color this adorable camping page I found here. They liked decorating their very own picture. I usually give Emilee blank sheets to color on, but this time I thought it might be fun to mix it up a little.

Paislee used her second “roll and color” worksheet I had printed from here. This sheet uses 2 dice, instead of one (like the one we done on day 1). This one took a little longer than the first one did. I started to think we were never going to roll some of the numbers!

While Paislee worked on that, Emilee played with our wooden block sorter. She enjoyed stacking the blocks up, and throwing them in the floor!

One of today’s books was from the Katie Woo series and was called Katie Goes Camping. The other book was called Tiny Goes Camping. Emilee enjoyed flipping through and admiring the pages.

Overall, Camping week was fun! I hate that we only had 3 days to enjoy it, but we have so much more fun ahead of us. Be sure to keep an eye out for our next week in mommy school! What other theme could it be than “fall”?!

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