T and R Travel Page By Tyee and Ryan

The Himalayas are a great to visit! It is the highest mountain range in the world and it has the Great Mount Everest! A fun fact: Mount Everest is the approximately 60 million years old. It is the highest mountain in the world and it is 29,028 feet tall. The first american to reach the summit of Mount Everest was in 1963 and his name is Jim Whittaker.

Another good place to visit would be the Plateau of Tibet. It is the world's highest plateau and its average altitude is 4,500 meters. There are 6 peaks of over 8,000 meters at sea level and over 1,500 lakes that are over 100 square kilometers and they strand at 24,183 square kilometers.

Another cool place that is actually hot is the Taklamakan Desert and is actually one of the largest sand shifting deserts in the world. This desert is really dry and its farther from an ocean than any other desert. It spraws across an area of 100,000 square miles! Also, 85% of this desert consists of dunes.

Another hot but cool place to visit would be the Gobi Desert (see what I did there?). This desert is the largest Asian desert and is very vast but also surrounded by Mongolian grasslands. This is pretty cool because it sits over an arch shaped land that has an area of 1.3 million square kilometers. This holds an important historical place, this place is part of the largest contiguous land empire of the world. This is the great Mongolian Empire.

This place is called the North China Plain. The North China Plain would be a great place to visit because it has very green grass, its located by the Yellow Sea, and its of the most densely populated places in the world. It has been a major focus of Chinese culture and it covers about 158,000 square miles.

The Huang He River, or nicknamed the Yellow River, is definitely a great place to visit. It's about 3,395 miles, it was the area civilized by people, and it flows through 9 providences of China! It is nicknamed the Yellow River because of the sediments deposited in the water.

This interesting place in Asia is similar to the Yellow River. It is similar because the river is shaped the same. This river is called the Chang Jiang River, or nicknamed the Yangzi River. This river is the longest river in China. It has the largest hydro-dam in the world and it is an important water source for irrigation. It also plays an important role in culture and economics in China.

One of my favorite places is the Bay of Bengal. This is one of my favorites because it is the arm of the Indian Ocean. It is about 2,090 kilometers long and the bay receives many large rivers. This means that the bay has many rivers connecting to it. Sediment from the rivers that connect to the bay make the bay shallow.

This place is called the Dead Sea, but it is actually a salt water lake. The Dead Sea is the deepest salt water lake in the world. This sea/lake is one of the most saltiest lake/sea in the world. It spits out asphalt almost constantly, and the water never leaves the sea/lake.

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