#BPSBulldogs Ron Clark Academy Trip March 21-25

DAY 1: Travel, The Melting pot & Uber

8 Educators

All with the same focus

To grow as a team and improve our skills through the Ron Clark EXPERIENCE!

Our first stop was to enjoy a great dining experience at the Melting Pot, a family style fondue restaurant.

4 courses of awesome food and many shared laughs

Course 1: Cheese/Bread/Veggies

Course 2: Salad

Course 3: Meat entrees

Course 4: Chocolate desserts

Day 2: Cnn, Trolley Tour, MLK Memorial

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Production Of CNN News

Civil War history, economic history, civil rights history, Olympic history, and too much to capture in one picture.

What a humbling experience that brought the civil rights struggle to life. To stand in the church where MLK once preached was awe inspiring.

Day 3: Ron Clark Academy...tune in tomorrow for The next installment

Arrival at the Ron Clark Academy with over 400 other educators around the country

The man, the myth, the legend...RON CLARK himself

The day was filled with seeing the 'Outcome' of their explicit practices.

They have a unique way of celebrating student success through a relentless pursuit of excellence

The essential 55 requires that EVERYONE is on board ALL the time.

Walking through the themed classrooms, one couldn't help but want to be a student in those classes.

The school is located in one of Atlanta's roughest neighborhoods, but is a shining example of what happens when you dream big and work to achieve those dreams.

Hope King shared several messages from trenches and practical tips for the classroom.

Day 4: RCA day #2 a chance to peek behind the scenes

Students and staff opened up about the 'RCA MAGIC'

The outcomes are the result of all team players holding not only their students to a high level of expectation, but also one another.

Ron Clark demonstrates what is possible when we have the courage to stand up for what is right.

I would say all the staff and should be added to this!

Everywhere we looked in the school, there were pictures of students. Students were celebrated for authentic reasons.

Kim Bearden, dropped bombs of honesty and educational truths that hit you in the heart.

The day ended, as it does every week, with students celebrating with staff. There were a few competitions and a few awards given out.

One of the greatest things to see was the way the students celebrated other students successes.

Thank you to the Bridgeport Schools for the opportunity to learn and grow through this experience. I am excited to back home in the trenches with our teachers and move forward.

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