Lynx By:Natalia n

The lynx lives deep in the pin forests

The lynx likes to eat small things like foxes, rabbits, and small deer , The lynx also likes to eat small rodents.

I also now that the lynx has big powerful jaws that they use bite into there prey. And they also have these big powerful hind legs that helps them get there flying prey that's in the air.

I now that lynx are 2-4 feat (0.6-1.2 m) long( including the tail) the stubby tail is only 4 to 7 inches ( 10-18 cm) long.

The lynx lives mostly eats rabbits or baby dear

Created By
Natalia Neidig


Created with images by Michelleyyy - "Maine Wildlife Park" • realworkhard - "lynx caught imprisoned" • Patrice_Audet - "lynx animal eyes" • FotoshopTofs - "lynx feline mammal" • Ettore Balocchi - "Felidae - Lynx lynx (European Lynx)"

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