Royal Blueberries Amazing Blueberries Grown in the Pacific Northwest

Royal Blueberries is a family-owned organic farm located on Royal Avenue on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. We grow 22 varieties of blueberries with more than 4,400 high-bush plants intensively cultivated on seven acres. Royal Blueberries ensures that you receive superb-tasting berries that are produced using approved USDA organic standards without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. You can be assured that the certified organic crop from Royal Blueberries provides your family a high quality product—some might say, the best in the area. The first blueberry bushes were planted on the farm more than 50 years ago. In 1987, dad/uncle, dahinda meda, purchased the farm from its second owners to continue the commitment to organic, quality agriculture. In 2017, the younger generation, Brad, John, and Susan, and Indigo purchased the farm to keep it in the family to continue the important work of growing clean, healthy, and local foods. Together, the family and the family business, Royal Blue Organics, care for the farm operations. Royal Blue Organics also offers 100% organic, fair trade coffee called Café Mam.

NO U-PICK: Our commitment to quality standards and consistency means that all of our berries are pre-picked. At the end of the season, we sometimes open the fields for gleaning. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us if you are interested in gleaning.

Products & Prices

Appointments & Pickups: In order to ensure the proper flow of berries off the field as they ripen into the tummies of those who love our berries, we schedule appointment for blueberry pick-up. If you are interested in purchasing a flat, call us to make an appointment to come out to the farm.

Timing & Availability: We typically start the harvest of fresh fruit at the end of June or early July with berries often possible into early August. The timing of the season is weather dependent. Frozen berries are available all year. Scroll down for pricing and where Royal Blueberries are available. Also, check our facebook page where we will strive to post updates during the harvest season.

Premium Blueberries: These are the highest quality fruit sold either fresh off the fields or quickly frozen and packaged. Frozen berries are always free-flowing and can be moved into any size container for storage in your home freezer.

  • 15lb Fresh Flat — $65
  • 12 Pints Fresh Flat — $60
  • 1 Pint Hallock— $5.00
  • Per Pound — $4.50
  • 5lb Box Frozen — $25
  • 20lb Box Frozen — $90
  • Special Varietal Requests (as available) — $3/flat

Frozen Jam/Smoothie Berries: These are our seconds because they are not cosmetically perfect. They are very sweet and excellent for smoothies or cooking down. These berries are generally, but not entirely, free-flowing when frozen; clumping is generally relatively minor.

  • 5lb Box of Frozen Jam/Smoothie Berries — $18
  • 20lb Box of Frozen Jam/Smoothie Berries — $60

Frozen Pink Blueberries: The "tarts" or "pinks" are slightly under ripe fruit that is preferred by bakers for making pies and other baked goods that are normally sweetened.

  • 20-pound Box of Tart Pinks — $55

Royal Blueberry Organic Fruit Spread: Our own delicious blueberries in a fruit spread made locally by Sweetcreek Foods!

  • 1-10oz Jar — $4.50
  • 12-Jar Case — $50

Tee-shirts: Cotton tee shirts are still available in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Child short-sleeve tee-shirt — $10 (Available in light blue–M, L & XL)
  • Adult short-sleeve tee-shirt — $14 (Available in light blue–S, L & XL; heather blue–L, XL & XXL; royal blue–XXL; purple–XL & XXL).
  • Adult long-sleeve tee-shirt — $18 (Available in royal blue–XL & XXL; dark blue–XL & XXL; heather blue–XL).


Certified Organic: Royal Blueberries are 100% certified organic by Oregon Tilth under USDA standards. Oregon Tilth is a member-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit certifier, educator and advocate for organic agriculture and products since 1974. Its mission is to make our food system and agriculture biologically sound and socially equitable, balancing the needs of people and planet through focus on core areas of certification, conservation, public health, policy, and the marketplace.

What makes Royal Blueberries so great? Many factors make our berries so good. Our pickers closely monitor the fruit, only harvesting when the berries are gloriously plump and perfect for tickling off the bush. Full ripeness ensures they have the very best flavor. Once picked, the sorters remove any damaged or unripe pink berries to freeze and sell as seconds. Only the premium berries are sold fresh. Additionally, Blueberry farmers have a constant battle with the hungry birds. Royal Blueberries protects our entire crop under bird-exclusion netting that results in a harvest free of damage from marauding flocks.

How We Harvest: We take great pride in knowing the berries we deliver to our customers are consistently of the highest quality. Our harvest is a three-step process:

  1. Our pickers visit each bush three to four times per season, tickling off only the ripe berries each time. Many of our picking crew have worked with us for many years.
  2. The berries are next cooled for several hours in trays to ensure firmness before handling.
  3. Our sorting crew then pulls out stems and leaves as well as all of the under or over-ripe berries. Any berries that are not for the fresh market are flash-frozen within 24 hours for availability throughout the year.


At the Farm: During the fresh berry season,15-pound flats of berries are available directly from our farm. With prior arrangement, we can also make boxes with smaller quantities. Please Contact Us to place an order for pick-up. This ensures we have what you want ready when you arrive. We cannot guarantee berries without an order. We accept cash, personal checks, or payment by credit card.

Eugene-area Stores: Several natural food stores carry our fresh berries in season and frozen all year, including the following:

  • Sundance Natural Foods at 24th & Halyard (Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)
  • Capella Market at 25th & Willamette Street (Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)
  • Friendly Street Market at Friendly & 29th (Frozen Occasionally, Fresh during season)
  • The Kiva Grocery at 11th & Olive (Frozen year-round, Fresh during season)
  • Growers Market on Willamette by the train station (Fresh during season)

Frozen Blueberries: If the one of the Eugene-area stores listed above does not work for you, we also sell frozen blueberries at Café Mam in Glenwood near the University of Oregon between 8 am and 4 pm weekdays. Please call 541-338-9585 to arrange for pick-up at the coffee roaster.

Farmers Markets: You will find our farm stand at the Saturday and Tuesday Lane County Farmers Market in downtown Eugene at 8th and Oak during the fresh berry season. Free parking on Saturdays is available in the City of Eugene parking structure at 8th and Willamette. We accept checks and cash. Please visit the Lane County Farmers Market stand to receive tokens for credit card payments.

  • Saturday Farmers Market is from 9am to 3pm, or for as long as the berries last that day.
  • Tuesday Farmers Market is 10am to 3pm in the downtown park blocks at 8th and Oak.

Referrals: Help us spread the word of our great berries. If you know of a restaurant, market, CSA, or other business who may be interested in purchasing our fresh during the season or frozen blueberries wholesale, please let us know! If your referral leads to an new account, we will happily thank you with some berries.

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth tilth.org: Royal Blueberries is 100% certified organic under US Department of Agriculture regulations.



berries -at- royalblueberries -dot- com

28718 Royal Ave. Eugene, OR 97402

Direction to the Farm: The farm is nestled on the edge of the world-class West Eugene Wetlands, easily accessible by car or bicycle.

By Car: Travel toward the coast on West 11th. At Greenhill Road turn right at the light and then turn left onto Royal Avenue, which it the first road you come to once on Greenhill. Our farm is the seventh driveway on the left, just as you start to climb the small hill. The farm is clearly marked with a large circular sign next to the driveway.

By Bike: Royal Blueberries is an eight-mile ride from downtown Eugene. Hop on the Fern Ridge bicycle path behind the Lane County Fairgrounds. Follow the path through the wetlands and get off at the corner of Greenhill and Royal. There is an exit to the intersection at the far western edge of the wetlands. Head west on Royal Avenue and the farm is located on the south side (left side) of the highway just as you start to climb the small hill. We are the seventh driveway on the left, and there is a large circular sign at our driveway.

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