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“Kids, you have got to go outside and do something active!” exclaimed Ella’s mother.

It was a typical hot and sunny summer afternoon in Ohio. Ella and I were plopped in front of the TV, watching a cartoon. Rexy, Ella’s small, brown dog, seemed to like that I was petting him unconsciously.

ELla and me

“Just a sec, mom!” shouted Ella, my friend, over the sounds blaring from the TV.

Marching into the room, we saw Ella’s mom. She wiped her flour-covered hands on her white apron.

“You girls were supposed to be having a playdate,” pointed out Ella’s mom, “not a sit-date.” When I glanced over to Ella, I saw her roll her eyes as she shut the TV off.

“Avena, do you want to go out and ride our bikes?” asked Ella. Truthfully, I just wanted to sit on that couch for the rest of my life, but I agreed anyway.

We grabbed our bikes from the garage and rode out. Because Ella’s neighborhood was small, and literally was the most boring place on the face of planet Earth, we rode towards a park a few blocks over. As we were locking up our bikes in the park, I heard a small bark. Beside me, Ella seemed focused on locking up her bike. I turned around, but I didn’t see anything unusual, so I just shrugged and followed Ella to a jungle gym.

An hour or so afterwards, we decided that we were tired and began to head back to the house. By that time, I had pretty much forgotten about that small bark I heard. After parking our bikes in the garage, we headed inside. As soon as I walked inside the house, Ella’s mom came charging right at us.

“Have you guys seen Rexy anywhere?” she said, looking frantic.

“No, I don’t think we have,” responded Ella, confused. “What happened?”

Without answering Ella’s question, Ella’s mom said, “Follow up question, did you guys leave the garage open when you left?”

“Yeah, I think so, why?” I replied, also confused. I looked around the living room. Everything looked like their typical living room-except that Rexy was nowhere to found! It took me a moment to realize that Rexy ran away, and probably because we left the garage door open! Immediately, I felt bad about what we did. Outside, Ella’s mom continued calling for Rexy while Ella, who was growing more and more panicked, went to go get treats from the pantry. Meanwhile, I just stood there, clueless as of what to do. In the end, I decided to follow Ella.

Rexy! (Then)

“Do you need me to do anything?” I asked Ella. She muttered something under her breath in reply, but I didn’t hear her so I just stood there awkwardly. Then I heard a small noise come out of her that sounded like a giggle. Puzzled about why she was laughing, I slowly began laughing along with her, hoping that she would explain why it was so funny. That’s when she turned around and I saw that she, in fact, was not laughing at all. Instead, tears were running down her cheeks.

“Why are you laughing Avena? This isn’t funny,” Ella said in a shaky, but firm voice that freaked me out a little. I was too embarrassed to tell her that it was an accident and that I had thought she was laughing, so I just hung my head. A few awkward silent moments later, Ella handed a rough, light brown biscuit to me and told me to use it to entice Rexy with. We headed outside and began calling for Rexy. Eventually, we gave up and headed back inside because we couldn’t find Rexy or Ella’s mom anywhere. Not knowing how to console Ella through her tears, I sat with her as she went on about how much she missed Rexy.

"admit it, we've all had some bad hair days"-@ellathered

Moments later, Ella’s tears stopped, and she jumped up and pointed to the window. In the direction of her finger, I saw a bundle of fur, which I figured was Rexy, prancing down the street with Ella’s mom on his tail. That bundle of fur looked like he was having the time of his life. By the time we got outside to help, Ella’s mom already had Rexy up in her arms, like a mother cradling her child.

“Thank God you are safe!” said Ella. Truth was, I was quite relieved too.

“Girls, you have to be more careful with what you do!” scolded Ella’s mom. Feeling guilty that we were the reason why Rexy ran away, Ella and I just nodded in agreement to her mom. Rexy squirmed as we went to go shower him in hugs and kisses. According to Ella’s mom, she had caught Rexy in their neighbor’s yard, chomping on plants. The room filled with laughter at the sound of that.

Giving rexy a bath

“You really caused us a lot of trouble!” I said to Rexy, jokingly. He made a little bark in return, just before his head drooped down and he fell asleep.

“Poor little dude had a little too much fun,” said Ella’s mom. Even though it was quite stressful having to chase Rexy down, it was an experience that I knew I would never forget. Ella was feeling the same way, I was sure. From that day on, I learned to be less careless with what I do, no matter if it makes only a small difference. The day was almost over. Everyone was just as worn out as Rexy, but we were all still smiling.

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Created with images by Seattle Parks & Recreation - "Northacres Playground" Photos from my albums Photos from Ella/Ella's Instagram

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