A life of travels kenji Rollin

Fountainebleau was known for its Chateau that was built by French royalty, with parts dating back to the 1100s.

I was born October 26, 1999 in Fontainebleau, France. A small town found southeast of Paris. I was raised there for four years and had learned to speak French. There is not much that can be remembered of my time there since I was so young. In 2003 we packed up and moved to England. While my dad found a house in england we stayed with my grandmother in Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

By 2004 we had moved to Bath, England. My dad was doing his PHD in Physics at the University of Bath. At the time the only language I knew was french and had to attend a pre-school in which they only spoke English. I struggled learning the language at first but younger children tend to pick up languages faster than adults. 2005 came around came around and that's the year that changed everything. My brother was born.

Bath, England is known for its stone baths built by the Roman Empire.
The Royal Cresent in Bath, England

My brother was born February 18, 2005 in bath England. The excitement I had for having a brother is something I remember to this day. We stayed in England until my dad had finished his PHD. When he had finished we moved to Michigan for only a few months. During that time I attended a small elementary school where I had a strong English accent because I learned English in England. After about seven months we moved to Blacksburg, Virginia. The majority of my childhood was based here and many memories were made. We lived in Blacksburg for 3 years but once again we moved somewhere else.

Blacksburg is also home to Virginia Tech College

We packed up once again and moved back to France. This time I was older and was leaving friends but also had the opportunity to make memories that many others don't have the chance to make. We moved back to Fontainebleau in the summer of 2010. While we lived there I went to school at an International school, meaning that they taught their courses in french but instead of going to french class, English and American students went to english class.

Part of the small town of fontainebleau
An older picture of my brother and I in the Versailles Palace gardens.

We spent most weekends going to Paris, it was only a 30 minute train ride. During the holiday seasons Paris was lit up with festivals and parties. During then I learned more than I thought I could have about my culture. The time I spent in France gave me an appreciation for artwork and architecture, the massive buildings to the sculptures placed in the middle of the city. My time there however did not last forever.

Paris new Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

In 2012 we moved back to the U.S. and continued our time in Virginia until we moved to chapel hill, North Carolina in 2013. I attended 8th grade there and the summer after we moved to Cary, NC to begin a new story. The summer of Sophomore year I revisited france and stayed with relatives and friends in Paris and the South of France. I spent time hiking and rock climbing in the alps.

The french alps and me rock climbing the sides. About a 300 meter drop.

Last year I visited California and was definitely one of my favorite places to visit. We visited Death Valley (not really California) and Sequoia national park. Along with Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.

Death Valley (left) and Yosemite (left)

. These are not the last adventure but an addition to the list with many more to come.


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