Adolf Hitler, the chancellor of Germany, led the Germans to take over other countries and brutally murder millions of Jews.In January of 1933, Adolf Hitlerwas named chancellor in Germany. Only about three months later he opened the first concentration camp, with many to follow. That is when the Jewish people started to lose their rights. By April of the same year, all Jews working had to retire. In 1934, Hitler became the president and commander-in-chief of the German army. Then in 1935 the Jews were denied citizenship. By the end of 1936, Hitler signed a document to form the Rome-Berlin axis. Four years later Japan will get into the alliance, too.

  • He promised to solve all of Germany’s economic problems.
  • He said that he would build up the army to what it had once been and better, in order to be able to defend Germany but also to attack other weaker countries.
  • He told the people that he would ignore the treaty of Versailles, which was the very reason that Germany was in such a bad state economically: the treaty had essentially ruined Germany.
  • He assured the people that he could provide them with strong leadership skills, something they had been missing for a long time.
  • Finally, he swore that if voted into power, Hitler would make Germany great once again. This was one promise that all Germans felt good about: they wanted to be great again as much as Hitler did.

After he built up the army, he invaded Poland that is when World War 2 began. Then France and Britain declaredwar on Germany. In 1940, the German army attacked Denmark, which was defeated in one day, and Norway, it took almost two months to defeat them. While they were attacking Norway, they attacked Luxembourg (one day), Holland (five days),and Belgium (it took eighteen days to surrender). In June of the same year, France had surrendered to Germany. When Germans ally, Japan, attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan. Germany thought the United States were crazy so both Germany and Italy declared was on the U.S.

A month later the Germans came upwith a “final solution”, which means that they were going to kill the rest ofthe Jews in Europe. Then started some resistance in the camps, both concentration and death. The first place of the resistance was the Warsawghetto and the Baily ghetto. By April of 1943 the Warsaw ghetto had revolted. Laterthat year, the Danish helped some 7,000 Jews escape to Sweden. However, in 1944, 400,000 Hungarian Jews were killed in the time span of less than onemonth at the Auschwitz death camp. Then the next year, Hitler committed suicide.

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