The Vaccine Controversy Why vaccines are not harmful

The first vaccines were made during the revolutionary war. Doctors in the continental army found that by infecting healthy soldiers with the sores from recovering sick soldiers gave the healthy soldiers and immunity from smallpox and other deadly diseases.
Today vaccines are very carefully constructed in order to ensure that each person who receives a vaccine is completely protected from the pathogen. Vaccines are updated each year to counteract the genetic mutations in the viruses.

There have been many court cases that have tried to discredit the use of vaccines.

Vaccines were not abolished because of lack of evidence. This was because most of the information claimed in the trials were falsified.

Despite the court's decision to keep vaccines, many people still have doubts as to whether vaccines are indeed necessary and harmless.

It is extremely important that we vaccinate our children, especially newborns. Failure to do so will result in life threatening illnesses.

By keeping our children vaccinated and safe from disease, we can be sure that the next generation will be strong and healthy.


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