Dictionary Of Dialect Hello friends visiting Northern Ireland!

Hello! Our names are Martyna and Megan! Nice to meet you all! I hope you enjoy reading our Dictionary! Here in Northern Ireland we like to use words such ask 'What's the craic?' or 'Aye' So here is our dictionary to understand our slang a little more!

What's the craic?

What's the craic can mean a lot. like how are you, how are you doing or how was your day. The reply to this is 'Nothing much'


Aye can be used for sarcasm. Its normally mean 'Yes' in the English language however in Ireland we change the meaning of this word.


Lads typically means 'Boys' but sometimes girls like to say it to their friends (girls & boy)

A sody farel

A sody farel is a cooler way of saying 'Soda Farel' which is part of the Irish breakfast tradition.

We're suckin diesel

We're suckin diesel means that we are doing well in something or improving certain skills.

Im flat out!

Im flat out means you are very busy or always doing something important.

Keep her lit!

eg: when you do something very fast and you slow down. People then shout this phrase too keep someone motivated.

State of ye!

This can mean you look awful or ugly (not offending anyone)

Thank you very much for reading our page! hope you enjoyed it!

By Martyna Caban and Megan Cairns


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