Martin Luther King Jr Monument The most powerful CIVIL rights speker

It was made in 1996 to remember Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.It was the 5 monument to ever to be built.I am proud to do this presentation on Martin luther King Jr.It was 30 feet tall.

The monument was built by Alpha Phi Alpha , his college fraternity group.they were so upset that they bulit the memorial.

It is dedicated to the civil rights movement. The monument was dedacated to the civil rights movement because he was a very powerful speaker in civil rights.

The monument is located near the wast Potomac park.

The monument is located by the reflecting pool.This is because he gave his i have a dream speech there.

They made this to commemorate Dr.Martin Luther King.


My favorite quote.

There is a monument in Chicago.

If Martin luther King Jr was not he would probable became the first black president.

Martin luther king Jr did his speech on the lincoln memorial


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