Six Hacks for Halloween Procrastinators Left costume planning last minute like your school work? We’ve got your back.

1. 067 anyone?

Want to be a character from the popular Netflix show “Squid Game?” All you need is a green zip-up sweater, scissors, green fabric and paper. Take several blank pieces of paper and cut out the numbers of your favorite character. Using pins, glue or tape to attach each individual number to a green, rectangular shaped fabric. This number patch will then be glued onto the sweater. Throw on a white T-shirt under the sweater and you’re all set.

2. Scary spirit of Halloween


If you left your costume until the morning of, just grab your bed sheet — the whiter the better — and some scissors. Cut eye and breathing holes and throw the sheet over your head to achieve a simple and spooky look.


3. Take the floor

Want to stand out in a crowd of ghosts? Be a movie theater floor. All you need is a couple pieces of candy along with a black shirt paired with black pants. Tape empty candy wrappers and movie tickets all over the black shirt and you’re set.

The Bernie Sanders look was made famous by thousands of tweets.

4. Relive Inauguration Day

For a comedic costume inspired by the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme, grab a puffy jacket, a pair of glasses, knitted mittens and a mask. This cozy look will steal laughs from anyone who passes by.

Camaflouge like a bulletin board. Sneak through your school without ever being detected.

5. Camouflage in the classroom

Another creative look that will leave people wondering what you are is a bulletin board. All you need to do is dig into your pencil bag and grab sticky notes and a permanent marker. Pull on a brown T-shirt and stick some post-it notes all over it. Scribble some writing on each note using the marker and you’re good to go.

6. Explore the islands from home

Throw on a classic Hawaiian themed button-up for a easy and fun look.

Looking like a tourist on vacation is a low-effort task, and it only requires a couple things: khaki shorts, a floral top, a straw hat, white socks and open-toe sandals. You can even throw in a camera or sunglasses.

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