Boom to Bust by: Evan racette

Home life

Big Homes 1920s

In the 1920s people lived in big mansions that had may of the newest innovations inside.

Hoovervilles Great Depression

Hoovervilles were very poor ears were people lived in small self houses. They were named after Herbert Hoover.

Cramped Homes Great Depression

Many people were packed into small, rundown home in the great depression.

Home Sale Great Depression

Many homes were for sale in the great depression. People could not afford to keep them anymore and they had to sell them.

Home life was great in the 1920’s. People were getting new innovations and bigger houses every day. Life was great and people would spend a lot of it listening to their new radios in their big family rooms. Home life in the 1920's was great for everyone including the woman. Woman's right had started to get better so woman spent a lot of time out of the home working or partying. And when they were in the home they would spend time with their families having fun. But when the great Depression came around women's rights were reduced and for the most part woman would stay in their homes and clean and make food for the rest of the family. People spent a lot of their time in their make shift or very small homes in the great depression. Their was not much to do either so many people would listen to their radios and feel bad about themselves. Farmers also had to spend a lot of their time in their homes. During both the 1920's and the depression there were dust bowls outside ruining their crops that no one would buy in the first place.

Leisure Time

1920s Entertainment

In their free time many people would listen to Jazz music. In this time Jazz was very popular.

1920's Sporting Events

Many people would go to sporting events in their free time for fun and to watch many of the top athletes of this time play.

1920 Speakeasies

In the 1920's men and woman would go out illegal speakeasies, have fun, and get drunk.

Radio in the Great Depression

People would listen to the radio in the great depression to escape from daily struggles.

People went from partying and having fun in the 1920's to sitting at home listening to their radio and occasionally going to a movie. Throughout the 1920's woman had a lot of fun in their leisure time. They would go out to speakeasies, sporting events, and movies just like the men did. But then once the great depression hit families could not afford to do all this anymore so specifically the woman would not come out of the home. They would have to listen to the radio to just pass time. Many people would listen to to Jazz music throughout the great depression to get their mind off of the hard times. Farmers did not have much leisure time. They were to busy worrying about their troubles or trying to move to California.


Wall Street 1920s

In 1929 there was a humongous crash in the stock market and this is where it all happened.

People and their Money 1920s

Sense the economy was doing great, people had a lot of money to spend to spend on inventions like the car.

Great Depression Unemployment

Many people were unemployed in the 1920s. The unemployment rate hit a altime of 25%. Leading many Men to be desperate for any work to make money for their families.

Job finding trouble in Great Depression

Businesses laid off many workers. Then it was really hard for these people to find new jobs.

Throughout the 1920's the economy was thriving. Stock prices rose far above the actual worth of the companies they represented. The economy even reached an all time high. But then in 1929 there was a great crash, this started the great depression. Many women got laid off and had to work in the home again. Businesses would have to lay off a lot of workers just to make money. Leading 16 million american's to be unemployed. The economy was in distress. The economy in rural america was not just suffering in the great depression but it was also suffering in the 1920’s. It was a very tough time for farmers. The farmers overproduced which made the prices of their products go down. Leading them to not make as much money. The economy went from boom to bust making it a very tough time for many people.

Role of Government

Working Conditions 1920s

Under Laissez Faire Policy the government had no rules defending the rights of the workers, so their working conditions and pay were both very bad leading to many mad workers.

Government 1920s

The government did not do much throughout the 1920's. The government left the businesses on a Lizzie Fair policy and did not pass many pieces of legislature.

Role of Government Expands Great Depression

During the great depression the government stepped up at started helping out the American people. They passed hundreds of pieces of legislature to try to get America back on its feet.

WPA in the Great Depression

The WPA was one of many things that the government did to help find work for many jobless Men.

The role of government drastically changed from the 1920's to the great depression. In the 1920's the government did nothing to help out people. The government was also on a laissez faire policy meaning that business could do what they wanted, and there are no rules enforced on them. Woman got the right to vote in 1920. So through all these year they were voting for the government. The government did not specifically help the woman in any way but the government did do a lot to help their husband in the great depression. Farmers were not doing so good through these years and the government did nothing to help them in the 1920’s. But then in the great depression FDR passed many pieces of legislature to help them. The government really started helping people in the great depression when it was really needed.

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