The Class of 2019 throughout the years A timeline of the major events the class has experienced throughout their four years at MVhs

Kristin Lee, Jessica Ji, Shirley Qi, Jasmine Tsai and Faith Hsieh (pictured from left to right) perform a self-choreographed dance to Fifth Harmony’s “BO$$” for the 2015 Homecoming talent show. The group won second place, which factored into the overall score for Homecoming.
In April of 2016, freshman choir (B Choir) members Varuna Ravi, Jessica Ji and Mythili Ketavarapu perform an “Aladdin” song medley at their Choir Musicals Performance with choreographed movements to accompany their vocals.
Jonah Ji leads the Class of 2019’s signature “I believe that we will win” chant for the then-sophomore Powderpuff cheerleaders and football players. This hyped them up before their first game against the Class of 2017 that took place in April of 2017 which they had won in.
The Class of 2019 Homecoming dancers finish their co-ed dance performance from their class skit, which was tailored to fit their class’s theme, Tomorrowland, with creative poses and bright smiles. This year was the first year that the traditional Quad Decs were replaced with skits.
The class cheers during the 2018 Farewell Rally while being decked out in MV colors and apparel. This was the first rally held on the upper field due to construction in the gym.
Heather Migdal runs past a blockade of senior girls during the final 2018 Powderpuff football game that took place on Apr. 6, 2018. Ending with a score of 7-0, the Class of 2019 won for the second year in a row and triumphed over the then-senior class.
The class runs through the MV banner at the Welcome Back Rally, continuing the tradition performed by every senior class each year. The rally ended with the freshman in last place, sophomores in third, juniors in second and seniors in first.
After the final co-ed performance from the Homecoming dancers, sentimental touches were implemented in the last moments of the class’ Homecoming skit, which was “Monsters, Inc.” themed.


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