Hawaii by:toke famodu

when it became a state : August 21, 1959

nickname:the aloha state

state capital: honolulu

State map Can you spot Hawaii

state bird:nene

nene or a hawaiian goose
state flag

state flower: hibiscus

the hibiscus

state insects : pulelehua butterfly

state insects

Female humpback whales are larger than male . They can grow to be about 45 feet long

humpback whale

Hula dancers honor their god and rulers by dancing

hula dancers

Key Industry: coffee

Hawaii coffee

Key site: Aloha Tower

aloha tower


Created with images by paul bica - "unrest" • goseaward - "American Idol overrepresentation of states, season 1" • Starr Environmental - "starr-131107-2473-Vaccinium_reticulatum-habitat_with_nene-HQ_HNP-Maui" • Thad Zajdowicz - "Hawaii State Flag" • ashlynnpai - "hibiscus" • eye of einstein - "Pulelehua" • docentjoyce - "Dead Humpback Whale - Megaptera novaeangliae" • madmarv00 - "AFG2010_Primary_Election_Night-3" • jwalsh - "IMG_4308.JPG" • Mariamichelle - "aloha tower hawaii oahu"

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