Feudalism Jacob griffin

Feudalism is the social system that had peasants knights, nobles, and kings. The knights provide protection, the nobles give the food, the nobles provide the military, and the king gives the land.

A manor is the the land that the Medieval people lived on.

The people that lived in the manor were the king, nobles, knights, and the serfs

Feudalism affected the politics greatly. Each person is the society had a different amount of power. The serfs had no power over anyone, the king had power over the nobles, the nobles had power over the knights, and the knights had power over the serfs. For example, the knights had the power to get surfs to fight as soldiers. That is how it affected politics.

Feudalism affected social structure a lot. It affected social structure because if one part went down, all the other parts would struggle. For example, if the knights all got sick or something cause them to be unable to protect the manor, they would be succeptable to attack. Also, if the peasants were, for some reason, unable to work, they wouldn't have anybody to farm and get food. That is how feudalism affected social structure.

Feudalism affected the economy very much. It was very different than a regular economy because instead of using money or a coinage all the time, it was maily trade. For example, the kind traded land in return for protection from the nobles. The nobles gave the knights land in return for protection of the manor. That is how feudalism affected economy.

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