Zero (Hector zeroni)

How does my character change over the course of the book holes? Zero changes over the course of the book by being this shy kid kid that didn't talk much to this brave heroic person that helped Stanley along the the way.

I think Zero changed because he strangled Zigzag for Stanley. I think this because it shows he is brave by sticking up for his best friend." Stanley manged to look up to see Zero's arm around Zigzags long neck. Zigzag made a gagging sound, as he desperately tried to pry Zero's arm off of him." (Sachar:1998)

Another reason i think Zero is now brave is that he hit Mr. Pendanski in the head with a shovel. i think this shows brave because i would never do that it seams scary. " Zero took the shovel. Then he swung it like a baseball bat. The metal blade smashed across Mr. Pendanski's face." (Sachar:1998)

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