Marjorie K. Lyle Entrepreneur. insurance broker. author. historian.

Miss Marjorie K. Lyle was an insurance broker, local councillor, founder member of the Ulster Enterprise Voluntary Committee, member of the Ulster Unionist Party and the Alliance Party, an author and a historian.

Marjorie was certified as an insurance broker in1931 and was so successful at it that she started her own firm in port rush in the 1930s, before moving to Belfast in 1947. By the 1950s the firm has offices in London and in 1969 the workforce was made up entirely of women. According to the Belfast Telegraph, in her time, Marjorie was: 'the only woman insurance broker in Ireland, one of the very few in the British isles and the one of the fewer still who run their own firms independent of the men'.

In 1963 she formed the Ulster Enterprise Voluntary Committee, a nonpolitical and non-sectarian Committee 'to initiate or assist activities of benefit to Ulster, and particularly those which would help directly or indirectly to reduce unemployment'. This committee ran for over ten years before being superseded by the local Enterprise Development Unit (LEDU).

In 1973 she decided to start keeping a dairy of events in Northern Ireland, her thoughts and her opinions on them - but also details of everyday life in the midst of the Troubles.

Fortunately, Majorie Lyle realised the value of keeping records, diaries and letters and kept a detailed record of her life and her life and her achievements which she deposited in PRONI (Pubic Records of Northern Ireland) 'I am going to try keeping a diary again because I find it inconvenient not to have a record of many things which happen ...memory alone is not an adequate guide'.

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