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This document is intended to show you how we can best manage your social media, ensuring the focus is always aligned with your goals and targets. At the time of engagement your business goals will be assessed so we can produce the most appropriate plan that’s unique to you. Should you have any queries, please contact us via email at or on 01202 830 615.

About Cloud Social Media

Cloud Social Media is a digital agency with a strong track record of client satisfaction and proven results. We create engaging content tailored to your needs, and ensure the results achieved are both measurable and clear.

Target market

We’ll spend time researching your target audience to find out their specific interests. From there we can start tailoring your content to engage with this audience, and get your message across in the clearest and best way possible.

Areas of focus

We focus on what works for you; finding the best platforms for your needs, creating the most appropriate content, and ensuring that we drive your business goals.

Public image

Your public image is extremely important, so why leave it in the hands of your receptionist or someone unqualified and unaware of the regulations around social media? Creating unique content also takes time, time your employees probably can’t afford to lose.

A big part of social media is ensuring you’re not always talking about yourself; you also need to consider when is the right time to share your content, and the regulations around sharing images... Do you own or have written permission to use all the images on your social pages?

How social media will help

Social media has quickly become one of the most effective forms of marketing due to its popularity and reach across different demographics. Equally, it can offer a very high ROI and helps businesses to find out more about their audience.

Another benefit of social media marketing is an organic increase of SEO; posting unique and engaging content will help your business rank higher in search engine results, saving you time and money.

Is social media right for our business?

In short, the answer is yes. There can be a perception that social media is only worthwhile for certain industries, such as retail or large brands - but this is not the case. Whether your social media is on a local, national or global scale it doesn’t matter; what matters is interacting with your audience and showcasing what you offer.

The goals

Goals that are often set out by a business are to build brand awareness, increase enquiries and sales, and to create an engaging online presence.

We seek to increase audience engagement, likes, comments, shares, clicks and messages across your social pages - and of course, these are all tailored to the individual business needs.

Our job is to represent you in the best way possible and ensure you have a great social presence and ROI.

Why social is important?

Social media is essential for any business due to the significant and continually growing online audience, and the power of social referrals. A great social media campaign can help you learn more about your potential clients, as well as informing them more about you. It also means you can deliver your message direct to the target audience at the time, and in the manner that suits them.

Because of the ability to interact with brands easily, around 45% of consumers will now look to social media before making a purchase, with almost 25% of all internet traffic being driven by Facebook.

Having active social media accounts shows customers that your business is current, open, and listening to what people want. It also ensures the customer can learn about you before they get in contact.

Did you know...

'Around 45% of people will look towards social media when making a purchase' 'Facebook drives 23% of ALL traffic across the entire internet!'

'77% of B2B companies have acquired new business through their Facebook pages’

'Facebook drives 23% of ALL traffic across the entire internet!'

Facebook drives 23% off ALL traffic across the internet
Why can’t people just visit our website?

Well, they can! A website is a very important part of most businesses, however, it's finding the website in the first place that’s the issue, and social media is a great way of increasing website traffic.

Our process

To give you a breakdown of how we work and what you can expect, here’s an outline of the process of an average month;

Meeting between the content creators at Cloud Social Media

We will research, discuss and decide on a content plan for the month, focussing on your goals and taking into consideration the previous month's analytics.

A content plan will be created and sent over to you for approval. This is simply to ensure that you are happy with the content that will be posted.

Your assigned content manager will post your content accordingly, taking into consideration the best times of day and any current events or issues. For example, we would change a post if there was a call to do so.

Message and content management - we then monitor the page constantly to ensure that any comments or messages to the page are answered promptly and properly.

Analytics - at the end of each month we will create an analytical report showing the results of the previous month, including new likes, amount of users reached, messages received and answered, advert results etc.

Looking for an advertising budget?

As standard when taking full priced social media, we use 10% of your monthly spend on advertising — we will promote successful posts, create ads and generate targeted likes based on your market.

Additional advertising can be offered at a 10% fee; you set your budget and your goals so that we can help you achieve them. Social media advertising offers one of the best ROI’s on advertising in the industry.

Other services Cloud Social Media offer

At Cloud Social Media, we offer a range of digital services including web design and build, blog writing, newsletter management and copywriting.

We can build a package that suits your or simply work with you to get a one-off campaign started properly. Visit us at the link below or get in touch with one of our team to discuss your needs and find out what we can do for you.

90-day rolling contract

Our 90-day rolling contract has been put in place to ensure your satisfaction and keep you in control of your spend. This contract is in place to guarantee you remain happy with the results you’re receiving.

Call us on 01202 830 615


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