Hootsuite Certification Kaitlin Labarbera

On April 13 I finally became Hootsuite certified (finally)! Getting this certification was no easy task. Ittook a lot of time, patience and dedication but I know it will be worth it when it comes to looking for a internship and even a job after graduation. Here is a summary of my Hootsuite certification experience...

The Hootsuite is a great program to use when having to manage multiple social media accounts. Hootsuite allows you to do this from one organized dashboard and is great for large corporations and businesses. A super helpful tool is the ability to create streams and tabs. You can create these streams and tabs based on a specific keyword, hashtag or location. In addition, Hootsuite also gives you the option to schedule when and where post are shared.

Hootsuite throws a lot of detailed information at you but one of my favorite features is that you can auto-schedule when you want messages to be posted as well as which social media account it is posted to. Another helpful tool is "geo-tagging" which helps when yo are try to reach a certain audience. Geo-tagging works by setting up a certain location within the Hootsuite app and then choosing a radius around that location. This allows you to interact with a certain audience as well as see what is already being said about your company/business.

As I stated before, obtaining this certification wasn't easy. I spent many hours over the last week going over the provided text, watching the videos and completing the quizzes. I would defiantly recommend getting this certification to anyone who is looking for a job in the marketing and social media world. Working in marketing and social media can be a fast paced job and anything you can do to make it a little easier is always great. Being able to navigate and use Hootsuite can cut back time and allow you to focus on other work as well. Being able to auto-schedule post is probably one of the most useful tools. Business and corporations using this program really have an upper hand on those who aren't. being able to track who is talking about your business as well as what they are saying can be helpful when trying to engage with you audience as well as share new services and marketing tactics.

I am so glad that I can now add this certification to my resume and I truly believe it will help me find internships as well as a job after graduation.


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