Art is..... A speaking lesson about art for non-experts

Think of a pretty image you have seen today for a minute. Keep it in your mind and tell the others in the group about it.

While I was having breakfast, I looked through the window and saw a flock of birds flying together in the sky and landing on a nearby tree. You could hear the birds chirping while resting on the tree branches.

Look at the following paintings. What are the similarities or differences among them?

They are similar because in both/all of them there are similar colours...

They are different because.....

In all of them we can see/notice........

Organize your cards according to similarites and differences....
I really like this picture because it reminds me of my childhood days...
I really like this picture because.....
Pick up one of the cards showing a painting that you like. Tell the other people in the group why you like it and how makes you feel.
Did you know that....?
Now you are the expert....
Read the information on the back of the painting and tell the people in the group all you have learnt about this painting so you really sound like an art expert.
Let's take a walk along the museum....
In this gallery you may remove from the wall a painting or two that you want and take it home.
Tell the others why you have chosen that particular painting and where you would like to hang it in your flat or house.
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Maria Argente del Castillo


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