Antarctica Expedition By: kyler

These are the things I packed.

Heavy coat 2

Polar tech 2

Long johns 2 pairs

Tights 2 pairs

Polar socks 4 pairs

Slippers 1 pair

Arctic boots 1 pair

Face masks 2

Stocking hats 2

Hoodies 3

Gloves and liners 2 pairs

French Fries

Eggs 5 dozen

Sausage 10 pounds

Bacon 5 pounds

Frozen burgers 15 pre cooked

Jerky 25 bags

Steak 15 pre-cooked

Chips 10 bags

Candy 10 bars

Gigantic survival kit 1

Large backpack 1

Protein shakes 20

Hiking poles 2

Portable propane grill 1

Sleeping bag 1

Polar tent 1

Large quantities of water 50 gallons

Knife 1

Fire starter

Ranch 1 bottle

Ketchup 1 bottle

Pickles 2 jars

Backup shelter 1


On the first, day I saw many penguins sliding on the ice and diving into the water. It was so cool! The penguins are super smart, whenever a killer whale got close, they'd jump back on the ice.

The weather was brutal, it was -70 degree weather and the wind cut through your clothes. I was a frozen popsicle at the end of each day.

Hiking was a giant hit on my muscles. I burned a TON of calories and had to consume a TON also.

I encountered killer whales which were super scary luckily I didn't fall in, or I'd have been lunch.

My daily routine was wake up, eat eggs and hike until I reached the nearest shore and collected water and scallops. I'd then hike home and eat my supper and go to bed. Repeat.

Sleeping was difficult because it was so cold. I had to bundle up tight!

I stayed very healthy because I was able to consume protein and burn calories easy, by running from things that looked hungry.

The coolest thing I saw was an arctic seal playing with its babies.

Overall, my trip was really cold and interesting. I loved getting out of my comfort zone and seeing new things. The food I packed was not too pleasing and got old after a while. It was quite fun and new. I'd definitely do it again.

Created By
Kyler Feist


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