Litt 🔥Magazine 1st issue

Ramses Francois

Words from the C.E.O of Litt Magazine

Ramses Francois

I’m happy to introduce you to my digital magazine. I was always in avid reader when it came to hip hop magazines and now I’m excited to launch the 1st Issue of Litt 🔥 Magazine and it’s not just only about hip hop it’s about a diverse of things You probably wouldn’t see in a magazine.This is just the beginning and if your reading this I appreciate your time and remember to always stay Litt.

CEO of Litt Magazine,Ramses Francois is launching a comic book brand called ‘Life Comics’ and the app is coming soon! And decided to give you all a free 10 page book for you to enjoy.The Characters and art all by Ramses Francois.This book stars 2 characters that are apart of life comics. The book just a quick fun boom for you to enjoy titled ‘Ms.Amazing & Power Star Vs Mold Men.’ Enjoy 🙏

Web series to watch

Let’s Go 4 Life is one of the dopest street web series out there! And not because I’m a character within the show named ‘Fresh’ (Shameless plug I know) but it’s not to be bias and to say that writer and director C-Class did a great job with story telling and on top of that he is about to be shooting season 4 or it might be out already by the time you read this 🤔 But the show carries on with humor, action, emotions and messages in all seasons. Be sure to check out the latest episodes below and subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘Letsgo4life’. & Follow The creator of Lets Go 4 Life Instagram page @cclassave

Podcast to follow

Bag Fuel Podcast is one of the dopest podcast out there.They are raw and uncut! No Filter at all.They speak their mind on important subjects and also have dope celeb interviews.Follow the host’s Instagram page Via @hynaken @_e.s.s.o and @Prettyxgritty and Check out their latest podcast with Rapper Trina and more videos below and subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘Bag Fuel’.

New artist alert

Zigg Money

Zigg Money

Over here at Litt Magazine only Co-Sign 🔥🔥and Zigg Money is next up! He’s been putting in a lot of work and has the bars to prove it as he pushes to inspire and tell his story, check out his latest videos and follow Zigg Money On Instagram Via @ziggmoney and Enjoy ✌🏽

Stay Woke 😴

This video with this incredible speech by Eisenhower was about what is happening now and always been happening within this world! This is a must watch and trust me you might want to share it and if you have patience and a open mind you should be able to appreciate it.

‘Us’ Movie Review

I Love Jordan Peele and what he did with ‘Get Out’ but ‘Us’ is riveting and very interesting.Winston Duke and Lupita Nyongo did a good job.The story overall is still a mystery because I know More is at play. At the beginning with the rabbits I can already see the symbolism with what Director and writer Jordan Peele was trying to say.The Rabbits represent the rabbit hole he is taking you into and i can’t lie I left the movie theater with so many questions.I was wondering did this movie have a lot to do with clones or was it mainly psychological.I Figure duality was at play as well, I Also appreciate the depth of spirituality the movie had when Jeremiah 11:11 was mentioned but overall I give it a 👍🏽👍🏽

Written by

Ramses Francois


Neef Buck From The Young Gunnz & State Property

Neef Buck What’s Been Up? It’s been a minute since we’ve linked.Most People don’t Know how instrumental we are to each other’s career coming up, from That Debut Album ‘Tough Love’ to ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’ and The Roc-A-Fella days as a whole, How is life treating you?

I’m great I can’t complain at all Allah has truly blessed me throughout all these years, Those that don’t know you were truly instrumental to me and Chris success at Rocafella records, you are the one who bring us the beat that created Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, But now in 2019 I am truly blessed to continue to be able to put out timeless music I started up the series, project title FOREVER DO ME , I just released volume 9, entire installment is on all digital platforms for 1-9 still touring the world performing for hundreds of thousands of fans don’t know what I love and impacting people in a positive way I still do music with my partner Young Chris shows with him also and the rest of the state property members, I have a clothing line also it’s Forever Do Me Clothing, website is ‪ForeverDoMeClothing.Com‬ also I have invested in a few joint ventures that kept me above water the wealthy years.

How’s Young Chris (Of Young Gunz) Doing?

My brother/partner young Chris is doing well also continues to put out quality music he just had a child named after him he’s in a great place.

What did you learn from your Roc-A-Fella Days? I have learned so much from Roc-a-fella records it made me the businessman that I am today not waiting for anyone investing in myself believe in myself no matter what anyone else is doing whatever you put in is what you going to get out.

Will there ever be another state property project or movie, Tour? In 2017 I put out a project Forever Do me 8 end it has the record feature in the entire state property called Game of Thrones which is the first song that has all seven members on the same track and I’m proud to accomplish that we still do shows here in there together and some music hopefully it will be another movie another album and hopefully a tour.

Will Young Gunz Ever do a ‘Tough Love’ Part 2 or another project? With the young gun situation I don’t want to use the name Tough luv just to make it sound good or just for promotion, when we did that first album we was in a different space we was going through a lot trails and tribulations, but we will definitely put together another fall project and tour soon.

Is there a website Fans can go to check it out?

My official website is ‪NeefBuckMusic.Com‬

My Instagram and Twitter @Neef_Buck

Bonus: Artist to follow

Marlee Hendrixxx

Marlee is dope and different hip hop artist and brings that 70’s Dance funk to his vibe.Snoop Dogg himself even reposted his video and even shown support.He is something needed in this music industry and also fulfilling a lane that’s yet to be the fulfilled until he came along.Make sure to check him out and subscribe to his YouTube channel ‘Mr. Hendrix’ and his Instagram page Marleehendrixx and check out his latest joints for ‘PUP’ ‘YEETEETEE’ & the latest episodes to his #Diggitordissit show and Enjoy.

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