How to build a lattice bridge By marcus Reed

Step 1. Look on the internet and find a bridge that your partner and you would like to build.

Step 2. Lay a yard stick down on your table.

Step 3. Line your sticks up until they are 30 inches.

Step 4. Take another stick and place it evenly on the gap between your line of sticks. Then glue all your sticks holding the gaps together.

Step 5. Now you will need to do this 4 times so you end up with 4 lines. Then let dry overnight.

Step 7. Once dry lay sticks Diagonally. Put them about a half and inch apart.

Step 8. Once you have placed your sticks diagonally. Put glue on each end of your diagonal sticks and glue to your two base lines.

Step 9. After you have let that dry for 2 hours. Do the same thing on the other side in the opposite direction.

Step 10. Do the same thing with your other two bases. Let dry for 2 hours then you will end up with both of your sides.

Sides are completed.

Step 11. Now you will take your empty 3 water bottles and place them in between your two completed side. After your water bottles are in the middle you will put rubber bands around each side to hold them together with the water bottles as a spacer.

Step 12. Once your sides are standing up start making X shapes with 2 sticks. You will need to make 10 Xs for the top and 10 Xs for the bottom.

Step 13. Then you need to put glue on all points of your 10 Xs then glue them to top of the sides.

Step 14. Take your water bottles out and your rubber bands off. Next let the top dry over night. Then once it is done drying flip it over and do the same steps on the bottom to hold the sides together.

Step 15. Let the bottom dry overnight then you have completed your Lattice bridge. 

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