Ibagué Selection mixed varietals, washed - Tolima, Colombia

Quick Facts

Producer: 50 small holder growers

Country: Colombia

Region: Ibagué, Tolima

Elevation: 1,800 - 2,000 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Castillo

Process: Washed

Harvest: April - July, October - January


Ibagué is the capital of Tolima, a well-known coffee producing region of Colombia however, most coffee from this state is gown in the southern regions of Planadas and Chaparral. Our supplier Pergamino decided to focus on the lesser known regions, in and around around Ibagué due to the areas good growing conditions and ability for strong social impact.

Pergamino sources this coffee for Atlantic Specialty from the sub-municipalities of China, Altaand, and Azoategui. We estimate up to 50 growers delivering coffees to the warehouse and lab in Ibagué, hence the name “Ibagué Selection”. The mountains in these regions creep up fast climbing from 1,300 meters where the city is located to 2000 meters in only a couple of hours up a dirt road.

Flavor Notes

Citrus, Cream, Stone Fruit

Even though this coffee comes from the lesser known coffee growing regions in Tolima we believe it still exudes an ideal flavor profile for the region. This coffee hooks you with its sweet citrus that meanders though the profile, accompanied by a pleasant, creamy, soft body. As the coffee cools, hints of apricot, peaches and plum bring you back looking for more complexities.

Processing Information

Fully Washed

The producers who deliver for this coffee are all calibrated in their post harvest process. First perfectly ripe cherries are picked and pulped. Then the coffee is allowed to dry ferment for 36 hours and washed completely clean. Lastly, the coffee is dried on raised beds under parabolic plastic covers.

Regional Informaton

Ibagué, Tolima

The city of Ibagué is also known as the city of the “Abanico” or “folding fan”. Taking an aerial view of the city and rivers, the panoramic scene spreads across the mountains and is reminiscent of a beautiful handmade folding fan. Conversely, the city is also a bustling metropolis of over 400,000 people.

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