The Power of Yet! Class dojo

Katie gave up and Mojo came. He said "you can do it". By Billie

Katie got laughed at. She couldn't do it. Mojo said, "you can do it". By Arlo

Katie didn't know how to make a volcano. You've got to try. Katie tried to make a volcano. She made it. By Eli

Katie was at nature class. She was sad because she was worried that the people would laugh at her. "I can't do this yet", she said. She asked Mojo for help. "You can do it", said Mojo. She is happy. I will always ask for help. By Caitlin

Katie was making a volcano. She gave up. Katie was scared to ask for help. Then it was time for lunch. Katie was feeling sad when Mojo came along. Mojo said, "remember your brain is a muscle". He asked Bruce to help. Then they made a very good volcano. We say we can't do it yet! By Holly

Katie was in science class. She gave up. She had a bad idea that all the children would laugh at her. At lunchtime Mojo came to see her. He remembered what she said him. He said, "I can't do this yet!". Mojo did it! I think Katie can do it. I would ask for help too. She stretched her brain. By Amelia

Katie is in science class and is giving up. She can't do it yet. Mojo came along and he can not do it yet. Then he could do it because he asked for help. By Blair

Katie went to science class. She got sad. She didn't ask for help or they would laugh at her. Mojo came and said "I can't do this yet". Then she could do it. By Emily

Katie was at science school, and she didn't know how to make a volcano. She wanted to ask, but she didn't because she thought the class would laugh at her. Then it was lunchtime. Then Mojo came along. Mojo said, "I got stuck and I asked, then I did it. If you ask you will be able to do it". By Mabel

Katie said, "I can't do it yet". And Katie did not know how to make a volcano. When Katie was eating lunch Mojo came to see Katie. And Mojo said, "your brain is a muscle. I am stuck", and Katie said, "I can't do it". But Mojo and Katie did it. "Thank you", said Katie. She asked the question. By Isaac

Katie was in science class. Next Katie got sad because she couldn't do the work, and everyone would laugh at her. Mojo said, "You can't do this yet Katie". When I get stuck I will ask for help. By Izzy

When Katie tried to do science she couldn't do it. Then she asked Bruce. Then she had a thought because people might laugh at her. Then she pretended she did not need help to do science. At lunchtime Mojo came along and said to Katie, "I got stuck in science and I asked for help, and someone helped me, and you can ask for help too". We can't do it yet. By India

Katie is in science class. She is giving Mojo some ideas about science, and he did it. He gave her some ideas, and she did it. They worked together. We can't do it yet. By Tyler

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