Florida Sandy morcos

Hot ! Hot ! Hot !

Floridas climate is hot and rainy because it is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Drought impact on Florida

When a drought impacts Florida, plants and animals die.

Thunderstorms in Florida

When thunderstorms impact Florida they can affect one location for a extended time.

Florida's hurricane

When hurricanes impact Florida wind blows off the African coast along the equater.

This is a peninsula.

A peninsula is peice of land extending out into a body of water that is still connected to mainland.

Peninsula after the Ice Age

The peninsula changed after the Ice Age sea level rose and Florida shrank size.

This is elevation and sea level

Floridas peninsula is a landform.It is above sea level and the elevation of the peninsula is less than 100 feet above sea level.

This is a barrier island

A barrier island is like a fence that prevents obstacle and movement of the ocean.

This protects Florida

Barrier islands are important to Florida because they occur offshore gently sloping sandy coastlines, as opposed to rocky coastlines, exist.

Florida's wetlands

Floridas wetlands are important because the amount of water they hold and the manner and rate that water passes through them.

Florida's lakes are important

Many lakes are formed by in central Florida because they are formed by limestone.

These are commercial fishermens

The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are important are important because from the coastal water, fishermen gathered shrimp, lobster, grouper and clams to feed the public.

Lumber is important to Florida

Lumber is one of Floridas important resource because each year workers plant 125 million new seedlings.The trees make up over 14 million acres of commercial forestland.

This is phosphate

Phosphate is an important resource for Florida because it has been essential to feeding the world since the Green Revolucain

Limestone is an important resource

Limestone is an important resource to Florida because it is used to form building material, toothpaste, paint and decorative rock garden.

Oil is very important to us

Oil is an important resource for Florida. It produces energy to heat homes.

water is a renewable resource

Renewable resource includes solar wind and geothermal.


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