Governor Bentley and Alabama's Deadly Affair The secret Estate shakedowns and murder investigations rebekah apparently was sent to derail...

Copyright 2017@ Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor

Mrs. Rebekah Mason and Governor Bentley have a touching moment on the street. Rebekah and her kind appear to be trained professionals, this was no affair it was a contract hit to neutralize the Governor of the nation's most corrupt state. Alabama is home of current United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Bentley came into office after much anticipation he would clean up Organized Crime's harrowing grip over Alabama's judiciary, law enforcement and legislators. Evidence mounts Rebekah was sent to throw him off pushing important criminal investigations like the Bingo Bribery Case indictments and trial of state legislators in 2012.

Steve Nodine and Angel Downs - Nodine Shot her in the head and fled the scene. Alabama's Department of Forensic Science experts botched the evidence as they have done for decades. Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack and Nodine had a secret pow-wow the night of the murder. Mack was was formerly Captain of Death Investigations with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences before becoming Sheriff.

The year Governor Robert Bentley took office he was overwhelmed with shocking news of secret investigations of murder for profit by Alabama's police and Judiciary. One case caught his attention, the murder of Angel Downs the mistress of married Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.

Nodine is a "Bad Boy" 6'4 Blonde hair blue eyed Aryan whom I profiled as an East German FSB agent "who doesn't track", Bogus, except for an endless trail of dead women in his wake.

The FBI at Mobile kept it a closed secret, desperate to get Nodine off the street they settled for a firearms charge and let him walk away with murder at a pre-arranged trial agreement at Dothan, Alabama 175 miles away from peering eyes of Mobile County.

I attended Nodine's first trial at the Baldwin County Courthouse spoke to his friends and found he was a well-connected man inside Washington, D.C., Homeland Security and Germany.

Then In-coming Governor Bentley had set up a secret task force to investigate the rising tide of extra-judicial murders for profit and appointed "Taylor Vice" to co-ordinate the flow of evidence and inquiries.

Taylor and I had arranged to exchange evidence on the February 2008 shooting death murder of Marylin Walker at Foley, Alabama. Walker's death was ruled a suicide but was murder and I was briefly married to to the woman who killed her. Like Governor Bentley anyone who gets in the way of the Continuing Alabama Criminal Enterprise is blown away or compromised.

It's a scary thing, some people pack up their bags, sell what they can and flee for their lives, that was Jim and Marylin Walker's case but Marylin never made it she put on her rain coat, rain boots, put her 38 in her pocket and walked into town to confront the bitch who cost her $38,000 short selling the house after she caught another Rebekah (Donna Davis) performing oral sex on her husband Jim the only living being left in her life.

Jim and Evelyn like so many retiree's from Northern states have little family left and after being encouraged to move South to Alabama they like hundreds of others found it was a life or death trap.

Copyright @ 2017 Investigative Journalist John Burt Caylor

The above photo was taken in early 2008 and the blonde woman sitting in a chair under the tree could have been Donna Marie Davis. The truck in the origional set of photos which were seized from me below Vancouver, Canada in 2011 matched her nephew's truck. The white man in the photos looked like her brother Gary's son who was moving furniture daily throughout Southwest Alabama.

During 2008-09 before succumbing to I was constantly the target of Honey-potting, my new wife Donna Marie Davis, a skilled assassin was sent by “The Boys” to end my life. Donna was a Bridesmaid in US Attorney John Cherry’s Virginia wedding years before she was sent to off-me. She had me at Dick and John’s Bay Minette office to sign deed papers putting her on my Enterprise home.

The inner circle of close friends includes… Donna Marie Davis – Bi-sexual assassin trained at Seaside, FL. formerly Mrs. Caylor a dozen or so marriages under her belt. She takes them to Vegas, lays them away for big bucks higher than $80k a hit.

She arrives back home and ends it swiftly deep-sixing any rebellion to paying up. Psychopathic Schizophrenia with acute headaches. Donna will manage to get your life insurance check cashed quick, she banks on that. When we left the hospital days after she poisoned me on Honeymoon night, I owned her and drained her dry for information for 2 and a half years on this group of Vampires.

Donna begged me not to tell anyone what she did to me, she was also guilty of Honey-Potting her mother’s wealthy first cousin’s husband, Jim Walker, a life-long husband and wife tag team with no children and relatives except Jim’s sister and her retired police officer husband.

The Walkers were easy targets of old timers, Hitler’s people at Foley and Elberta, German communities loyal to the Nazis. A place where German P.O.W. camps existed during World War II. The German’s who stayed in the area after WWII were Hitler’s loyal Afrika Korps who fought with the Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel.

Northern retirees who move South to Alabama and move into certain subdivisions are quickly marked for shaking down. Donna hooked Jim Walker quick with "fellatio", then murdered his wife shooting her in the face after Marylin took off in her rain boots and raincoat to find and confront Donna with her 38 pistol, after losing $38,000 that Thursday afternoon short selling her new home and having risked losing her lifetime partner Jim. Marylin was intent to get the out of Foley and Jeff Sessions Alabama that rainy gloomy afternoon.

The Walker’s brief 6 month or so eventful residence at Foley was anxiety filled. Soon after the affair was uncovered the Walker’s sold their Foley home for ½ Cash the day they listed it and they were flush with cash over $160,000 and of awaiting the balance 30 days later after they were to move back to the St. Louis area and receive the money balance from there. They were scared to death and in a hurry to get out of town the same day with their cash and then Marilyn E. Walker goes missing that rainy Thursday afternoon.

Looking-into the records it was all contrived and just didn’t rime with reason and the letters I had read from Marilyn’s friends who were shocked, saddened about her horrific untimely death not quite unlike the horror I endured by my mother’s blunt force trauma death at Enterprise in August 2006.

The following week they found Marylin who was found shot in the face laying in a drainage ditch just outside Foley, AL. The pouring rain left no evidence or clues as to her demise. But Jim Walker was spooked so bad he sold his new Ford pickup truck

But Jim Walker was spooked so bad he sold his new Ford pickup truck for One Dollar just to get away from Foley after police cleared him and Donna in a Whiz-Bang Investigation. Very few times in my career as an investigative journalist have I run across Homicide and Domestic Violence Investigators with IRS Tax Liens.

When I inquired into these matters at Foley in 2010-11 things deteriorated quickly within the family of Vampires who were also in the drug smuggling and sales business from Mexico and in a side antique furniture business getting rid of all that excess furniture and possessions they were showered with from sudden deaths of wealthy people around them from strange places with no kin.

It’s going on all over Senator Sessions Alabama. Cops and lawyers shaking down the elderly rich and affluent people just to take their money. One ex-Foley cop stated flatly, they were killing people, robbing them and would just look at you and ask “What you think you can do about it, Huh, shut up Boy!” I’ve been done this way in Alabama and it is a horror story I can’t bear to endure. Others have given me and my sources information about the depth and brevity of the carnage in Chilton County, Alabama where cops cover-up the murders, M.E.’s at the Department of Forensic sciences will fight you over an autopsy – a public record until legislators passed new laws to prevent anyone from seeing one.

In October 2011, I sent Donna home to Foley to help an old guy whose wife had died the year before and I thought they were going to kill him and roll him for his money. I didn’t want anything further to do with those people so I played the Marylin card on her and Foley Cops.

She promised her family she would be there to help the old man move out of his house and keep him company before the nursing home, maybe that’s where he went who knows? This old man was loaded with lots of money and owned nice big homes on Orange Beach.

I am going to publish those documents because an Orange Beach cop who came to the house later confirmed what I suspected. The Orange Beach officer came with United States Marshal's sent by federal judge Granade to question me in March 2011 about snooping into her family members and herself taking a her bribe from the City of Nashville for $1.3 Million. Granade's sister Sarah Ballard is a family member of CIA General Bowen Ballard's immediate family. Ballard and Jeff Sessions are pals and business associates.

Others have provided me with credible sources information about the depth and brevity of the carnage in Chilton County, Alabama and other places in Alabama where cops cover-up the murders, M.E.’s at the Department of Forensic sciences will fight you over an autopsy – a previously a public record. Many poor and black people in Alabama are being purposely murdered execution style by Alabama's out of control police departments. In 2006 my own mother Nellie Ruth Caylor was beaten to death os savagely I could not have an open casket funeral for her. Civil Right's Leader Ruth Nelson from Dothan has provided me with confirmed cases.

There is much more to this story but just in case I get whacked first I am almost positive the FBI Counter-Intelligence Division at Mobile has all those hot and heated telephone conversations down to the Davis family and others at Foley, Al.

This was a Bear Trap ensnaring the Russian Mafia who like the Dixie Mafia gets their kicks killing and brutally murdering people making others watch and become accomplices. More on the murders later ...


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