May Crowning A photo essay by joan mckenna

Sophomores are singing Gentle woman as the seniors make their entrance

For the seniors, this was their last May crowning. As the school year comes to an end, everyone is busy with homework and studying for the upcoming finals but we need to remember our faith.

May court proceedes in

The May court is chosen by their fellow classmates. These are students that portray Mary in their everyday acts. They show the love, kindness, and courage of Mary.

May queen crowns Mary

Allison Vana was crowned May Queen. She shows her love and appreciation for Mary and all that she does. Mary is Allison’s role model and who she strives to be.

Allison gives her speech

Allison’s speech is about how her mom portrays Mary. Her mom is a teacher and one of her students was sent to jail. Mrs. Vana was sad to know her student was in jail so she wrote him a letter asking to come see him. Several months had gone by before she recived a letter back saying he would like it if she came.

Senior’s sing to Mary

A group of seniors sing a beautiful song to Mary as a tradition. Everyone was in awe and deeply moved by the song.

Outstanding seniors

Kate Tietjen and Jordan Fett were nominated as outstanding seniors. These students go above and beyond the expectations in the classroom and show excellent leadership providing a good example for all. The reveal of the outstanding seniors was different than years past because they didn’t say the names.

Allison, her parents, and her little sister Annie

Allison’s family shows their support. Sophomore Maria Gerardo said “Allison has been a great role model and she gives me inspiration. Because of her, I strive to be better.”

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