Muhatma Gandhi my Hero By Kenneth yap

What makes a hero? A hero is someone who puts others before themselves. A hero is someone who is unselfish and stands up for what he believes in. A hero is someone who is brave enough to make chances that improve humanity for the better. If these aspects are the definitions of a hero, Muhatma Gandhi is the perfect hero.


Inspiration To People All Over

Muhatma Gandhi is the most respected, loved, and inspiration people of during the British-ruled India during his era. Gandhi always stayed true to his morals in equality, truth, and fairness. He was infamous for revolting using non-violent protests which he believed was the best way to protest. He protested in ways such as fasting. The aim of his non-violent protests were to win over his opponents and persuade them in to believe that his philosophies were correct. He always wanted to have a win-win situation. This is called civil disobedience.

Why He is my Hero

Muhammad Gandhi has many great qualities that make him who he is as a heroic figure and a great role model. Some of these qualities I would like to have/inspire me.

His great use of anger- When Gandhi had his first wife, was very abusive and mean to her because of all the racial/sex discrimination going on during the time. He soon realized that men and women as long as different races should be treated equal. This led him to start his campaign in challenging authority and gaining independence. Mahatma Gandhi was often humiliated by white men and women who felt they were superior. What he did with his anger and humiliation is what really drove him to have such great success.


Selfless- One of the most important qualities in a person is selflessness. Gandhi was, in my opinion, one of the most selfless people during the time. He would fast, march, and do many other creative things to make changes. Gandhi was so unselfish he was willing to die so there would be a life for the other Indians who would succeed him.


Determined- Mahatma Gandhi was often ridiculed and made fun of because of his race and his beliefs. He would also be called inferior by the British people. However, this never stopped him from achieving his goals. He dedicated his entire life to what he believes in. With all this determination he managed to make the British abolish the salt tax and gain independence for his Indian people.


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