Vegetation- plants that are gathered collectively.

Contraband- goods that are imported or exported illegally.

Resignation- an act of retiring or giving up a position.

Narcotics- a substance that alters mood and behavior and sold as a non-medical purpose.

Freelancer- a person who works freelance.

Administration- the process or activity of running a business or organization.

What do border towns think about the border and all the funding going towards it?

President trump is trying to build a large barrier between the U.S and Mexico border, however texan politicians are opposing this idea. For example Trumps main priority was Laredo, Texas the largest border crossing town in both countries. A congressman in Texas claimed “it's impossible to wall off Laredo” so he insisted funding go towards surveillance cameras and other materials in that matter. The Laredo mayor Pete Saenz said in order to not scare the Mexican people “who make up 225,000 of the population in the border town” on the other side of the wall they should take out vegetation and up lighting, cameras, and other security materials. A great big wall is going to put fear into the Mexican people so using that money to upgrade and add additional security measures will go along way. along the Mexican and U.S. border lies nogales a city split by the border. The border is built tall and with spacing between the metal structures so the U.S. border patrol agents can see activity on the other side. The wall is see through because it brings comfort to the split city which split up families and friends as the border was built. This border in nogales is a non-threatening border that the people find comforting knowing there families are safe and sound on the other side of the wall. This border also helps our border patrol agents find threats and track activity better because they are able to see what's on the other side.

What are reasons the Arizona border recon team is patrolling?

Arizona border patrol team and the mountains they patrol.

The Arizona border team is a group of retired veterans, police officers who are not connected with the government and trying to decrease the amount of immigrants coming in. The founder of the recons is Tim foley who was in the construction business, he thought a lot of rules of employment and immigration had been broken. “Mr. foley has seen the immigration decrease by nearly 600,000 people yearly”. Mr. Foley and his team went to work stopping immigrants who had fake birth certificates, social security cards, passports, and ID’s. Mr. Foley is just trying to slow the flow of illegal immigrants and protect the rules and laws of employment and immigration. Another issue along the border is illegal contraband attempting to get into the United States. The drug cartels on the other side have a network of scouts that contact smugglers in order to get contraband and people over the wall and into the United States. The United States has doubled there border patrol agents however the rate of illegal contraband is still high, with the Arizona border recon team decreasing the amount of immigrants contraband is decreasing in that area.

In what ways is there corruption in the border patrol agency?

Mark Morgan was the border patrol chief for a couple months after resigning after the election. The weird thing is Mr. Morgan had told the trump organization about his support and urge to stay as chief. Also after the election Mr. Morgan had “sent an email to roughly 20,000 agents criticizing president obamas policies and enforcements during his presidency”. The chief of the agency suspiciously resigned after telling the trump administration he was all for them, The suspicion is high within our border patrol agency on the resignation of Mr. Morgan and another chief will soon be appointed. Another corrupt issue within the agents of the border patrol is a boy was shot and killed during a conflict along the border. The agents are having miscommunication which is leading to deaths, according to New York times the “16 year old boy was simply walking to a store to meet his family when fatally shot”. The agent who killed him started shooting at illegal immigrants attempting to get over the whole to scare them when a bullet struck the boy in the back. The mis- communication between agents costed the 16 year old his life and goes to show the agents aren’t communicating and a new chief is needed because of the weird resignation of Mr. Morgan.

What are ways illegal immigrants are trying to get into the U.S. as well as the precautions border patrol is taking?

The precautions both sides of the border are taking to ensure safety of there people.

On the Mexican side of the wall, the drug cartels are hiring kids to become scouts for them. The scouts of multiple cartels “report to the cartel tracking the moves of agents and when they feel like they are out of position” they attempt to get contraband over the wall. The border is a crossing point for cartel profits and if we can decrease that we will see profits decrease and cartel power decline. The Arizona border recon team is a huge supporter for the unlawful immigrants coming into the United States. The recon team has seen nearly 600,000 illegal immigrants decline from the United States population and a decrease in narcotics and other contraband coming over the wall in the past 6 years.

What people disagreed with the construction of the wall?

Construction workers that'll be working on the wall very soon.

The construction of the wall was a huge selling point in trumps campaign and is now expected to follow through with that, however there are representatives in border towns whom disagree. Mayor of Laredo, Texas Pete Saenz said he was against the construction because “he thought the wall was to close to the city's water plant and didn’t want the construction to affect the cities utilities”. Also a representative of the district Henry Cuellar, said the wall is “14th century solution, to a 21st century problem” He thinks the money should go to more cameras, drones and manpower rather than a taller wall in which immigrants will still find a way over. Mark Morgan a freelancer who helps with border patrol believes the wall won’t solve many issues and manpower will, with more agents on the ground patrolling it will decrease the amount of illegal immigrants by roughly “14% to the already decreasing number yearly”.

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