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My name is Kaemon and I am an aspiring YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I love gaming and love to share my experiences with others. What I hope to gain from this module is greater sense of creativity and technical skills to create interesting and appealing content. I see myself using my personality and communication media skills to provide entertainment and maybe, change the world in whatever small way I can.


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Four Ferrari cars getting ready to race, officiated by King Homer and Queen Marge.

Anti Drug Abuse Article

The secret to a great life and 3 ways to be happy

Ever thought to yourself “Hey, taking drugs is going to make life way better.”?

No? That’s good, man, that’s real good! If you’ve clicked on this article, chances are that you’d like to know the ‘secret’ to a great life. And also, chances are that you’re unhappy with something, maybe a bad break up or family issues. Well, I’m here to tell you that drugs are never the answer to any of this. Yes, the secret to a great life is not taking drugs. To some people, this may be redundant or incredibly obvious, however people still decide to take drugs and essentially ruin their lives.

Yes, Jimmy, that could be you. Do you want to look like a deformed shark, Jimmy? Of course you don’t! Now, there are many solutions to your problems that don’t involve drugs but we’ll narrow it down to 3 simple ways to stay happy and solve your troubles without drugs.

First of all, you should surround yourself with friends that lead a positive lifestyle. These friends will guide you through the tough times and you would never need to turn to drugs. Next, you should always keep yourself busy. Keep your mind preoccupied with work or something you enjoy. At least, you will be productive and getting things done. And lastly, you should always talk your problems through with someone, be it a friend, a therapist or even your family. People usually think drugs will make them feel better about their problems but they are completely wrong.

Before you even think about trying drugs, just think how expensive drugs are, you could be spending your money on better things, like food, everyone loves food!


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