what are you afraid of? Moscow 2020

Situated in a museum space (and due to the pandemic with some restrictions) a group of people dressed in white tights and t-shirts sit, lie, stand ... with their eyes closed. The moment a person is coming close to watch them they open their eyes and ask: what are you afraid of?

A conversation starts and in exchange for the courage of telling a fear one gets a present in form of a song or a poem. The conversation is protocoled on the white t-shirts and tights. In this way each day the performers collect the fears of the museum visitors.

The first performance of what are you afraid of? happened in collaboration with Liza Spivakovskaya in the Museum of Russian Impressionism for the THEATRUM Festival 2020 in Moscow with the actors of the Youth Academic Theatre.

images by Yana Gorbatcheva

Images by Natasha Bazova