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I believe throughout the video production 1 class I have improved at using camera angles, editing video and script writing. I have gained extensive understanding on different camera angles and how to execute them. My editing has become more intense and filled with effects. My script writing is more in depth now that I know all the steps of writing a script. Qias Omar has influenced some styles that I like to do sometimes on my personal YouTube channel.

Below is my thematic fantastic project. This video was a very fun experience for me to film. Team work was also very important in the making of this video because i had to be able to communicate ideas to make the video really work.

Below is my camera angles project titled, "Late to School". This video helped me learn how to use the various camera angles. Team work was important because we all agreed on which angles to do for certain scenes.

Below is my Public Service Announcement about Sportsmanship. This video helped me learn how to make a short commercial type video. Team work was important because we all agreed on how to film certain scenes.

Below is my plot twist scenario. They find out that they both have the same mom and are brothers. This video taught me how to switch a story around. Team work was important because we had to help each other make different scenarios.

Below is my Documentary on the ultimate tennis master; Dylan Gorman. This video helped me learn how to use a green screen. Team work was important cause we needed to learn how to edit certain scenes and we helped each other finish the video.

Credit to Dylan Gorman and Thomas Prior for helping make these videos.
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