Good Life Nature Activity Nicholas Heiss

Introduction: The Florida museum of Natural History was an amazing place to visit. It allowed me to fully experience how nature has changed over the years and how nature really relates to us. As an environmental engineer I love nature and it is my goal to try to save it as much as possible. The FLMNH really allowed me to experience changes and I am glad I went because I now have a better understanding of what I should expect in nature.

A palm tree in the butterfly exhibit

Nature on Display: I found a ton of interesting exhibits in the museum but none more than the butterfly exhibit. To me the layout of having nature all around you really let me feel at home and I really enjoyed it a lot. The design of the exhibit is really interesting because there is not a lot of structure there but instead free flowing and open. I think this allows people to feel more involved when they visit the exhibit and it makes for a much more enjoyable experience. I also think that seeing all the nature in one place and seeing it with your own eyes makes you have more of an appreciation of it than just seeing a picture or video of it. I found that feeling really involved and just seeing different animals and plants the most enjoyable part and it made me feel free and able to do what I chose to do.

Me in the butterfly exhibit
A bird in the butterfly garden

Nature and Ethics: I believe that the natural history museum provides you with multiple opportunities to experience and appreciate nature. You can gain a lot of insight in a lot of the exhibits and it can really make you feel each adaptation that every animal or plant has made. The exhibits make you feel apart of nature and that is a big key in creating a great experience. As I went through the museum I felt that I could learn a lot as well as begin to appreciate a lot of things I didn't see before. The museum really allows you to connect with every exhibit by making you feel as if you are apart of it and like I stated above, that is a big part of making someone feel like they belong there. I think this also helps to make sure you start to appreciate and love nature much like Leopold mentions.

A picture of the glass there

Nature and the Human Spirit: The museum helps us to step out of our natural element by experiencing things in person and encompassing you with their culture all around you. This encompassment makes us realize what we were doing in the past and we can begin to appreciate it as we see it in person. Also, whenever we feel that we are apart of something we begin to try to understand it more and that understanding leads to an appreciation that we might have not had before. Another thing that the museum does is make us feel as if there is more to do and that leaves a sense of mystery sitting with us, making us feel that we are the people to drive the future forward.

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