Controlling How Stress Affects You Yes, you really CAN control it!

By: Kelly Stull (HACC STUDENT)

Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but never gets you anywhere. *Erma Bombeck*

Before you freak out, step back and breathe. Ask yourself:

  • If today was the last day of my life, would this matter?
  • Why is this actually such a big deal to me?
  • Can I turn this situation upside down into something great?
  • What can I learn from this?

Stress is a funny thing. Without even realizing it, too much stress and worry will start to affect your physical and emotional health. Its important to know that you CAN change small things to stop this vicious circle. Learning to control how much you dwell on, unnecessarily, will increase happiness AND health in your life!

What is the benefit of controlling stress?

  • 1. Feel more in control
  • 2. Better physical health
  • 3. Able to think and respond better in stressful situations
  • 4. Better emotional health
  • 5. Better relationships at work and in personal life
so simple, so effective

Stress overload is a real thing. Sometimes people will say you are overreacting, or being dramatic. That is not always true! We all have a breaking point, and often times when we have reached that point, stress overload is the end result.

STRESS OVERLOAD: Defined as excessive amounts and types of demands that require action, is a human response that is experienced as a problem and contributes to the development of other problems. The proposed defining characteristics are perceives situational stress as excessive, expresses a feeling of tension or pressure, expresses difficulty in functioning as usual, expresses problems with decision-making, demonstrates increased feelings of anger and impatience, and reports negative effects from stress such as physical symptoms or psychological distress.

Even while at work, you can take a moment and reel yourself back in.


There is actually a term for "finding your happy place". There are proven statistics showing that taking simple steps that LITERALLY anyone can do, can have instant results; lowered blood pressure, less tense muscles, and feelings of anxiety.

So easy a cat can do it!
Created By
Kelly Stull


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