the great depression By Andy Dray- A story of love loss and the weakness of central banking.

One cause of the Great Depression was the failure of the banks. In this photo a police stands guard outside a bank so that the people do not riot outside the bank/ vandalize the bank. Over 11,000 banks failed during the Great Depression.
Many charities organized soup kitchens and other ways for struggling families and the unemployed to eat for free. When they first began to emerge they were mostly run by private organizations and churches, but later on the government decided to open some. “The Capuchin Services Center in southeast Detroit, for example, served 1,500 to 3,000 people a day.”
The New Deal was a set of government policies and programs started by Franklin D. Roosevelt. They were put in place to improve life during the Great Depression.


Created with images by Tony Fischer Photography - "The Causes of The Great Depression / FDR Memorial Site"

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